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Tree Topper and Tree Charms

Tree Topper and Tree Charms

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Tree Topper and Tree Charms

Tree Topper
Create this quick tree topper using a ready-made papier-mâché form, then wish upon your own star of wonder.

With X-acto knife or sharp paring knife, cut hole to accommodate tree tip in bottom of papier-mâché star burst (available at craft supply stores). With acrylic paints and artist's fine-tip paintbrush, paint as desired; let dry. If desired, seal with coat of acrylic varnish and, with glue gun, decorate with beads, faux jewels or seeds.

To see enlarged image of Tree Topper and Tree Charms, click here.

Tree Charms
Whimsical wooden cutouts are an ideal family project (your children will want to help with the painting). Hang them on a tree or a wreath. Or personalize one with a name and tie it onto a parcel.

3 x 1/4 in pine moulding
Small eye hook (1 for each)
Acrylic paints: white, black and desired colours, for large areas of colour
Dimensional fabric paint, for details
Matte acrylic varnish
Artist's fine-tip paintbrushes
.30 m narrow cord, raffia, ribbon or string
Fabric scraps and tiny twigs (optional)
Glue gun (optional)
Fine-grit sandpaper
Coping saw

Instructions (for each)
Note: Follow instructions to enlarge pattern (below); cut out along black lines.

Click here to download printable pdf of Tree Charm pattern.

1. With pencil, trace pattern onto pine; with saw, cut out. Sand, rounding edges.

2. Screw eye hook into top edge at midpoint. Thread 1 end of cord through hook; tie ends together with overhand knot to make hanging loop.

3. On bird: Glue straight (bottom) edge of 1 wing to each side where indicated by blue line. Remember to cut two bird wings.

4. Referring to images (this page and link to enlarged image top of page) as guide, paint as desired; let dry. Varnish; let dry.

5. On snowman: Rip strip of fabric and tie around neck. Glue twig onto arm. Glue on tiny piece of wood for nose.

Enlarging patterns and motifs
On brown paper, draw grid of horizontal and vertical lines 2.5 cm (1 in) apart. Each square on pattern grid equals a 2.5 cm square on paper. Draw each pattern line onto corresponding square on paper. Transfer any markings. (Seam allowance is included, if necessary.)

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DIY & Crafts

Tree Topper and Tree Charms