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Valentine's Day craft: Sweet packages

Valentine's Day craft: Sweet packages

Author: Canadian Living

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Valentine's Day craft: Sweet packages

This Valentine’s Day, deliver sweet treats in personalized packages that you can customize for your favourite people.

Take a look at a larger image of the finished Valentine's Day boxes.

You need:
• Light- and medium-weight card stock, in desired colours
• Decorations, such as scraps of patterned and plain paper, scraps of foil and fabric, beads, buttons, charms, cut-out photos and words, markers, stamps and stamp pads, stickers, paints and paintbrush
• Scraps of raffia, ribbon or string, for ties
• Pencil
• Glue stick and/or Tacky glue
• Scissors and X-acto knife (optional)
• Ruler and letter opener or dull butter knife, for scoring lines

To make:
1. Download template and print to desired size; cut out along solid lines. Using glue stick, adhere pattern to medium-weight card stock to make box pattern and scoring guide; cut out.

2. Trace box onto card stock; cut out and place, wrong side up, on work surface. Position ruler where indicated by each dotted line; with point of letter opener, score line on wrong side. Lay scoring guide on each curved end of box top and bottom so outside edge is aligned, then score folding line on wrong side where indicated by broken line.

3. Decorate package as desired.

4. Fold box in half along centre dotted line so wrong sides are together; apply glue to flap A where indicated by shading, fold over edge B and adhere. Fold in ends along scored lines, folding C flaps, then D flaps.

5. Fill package and tie with raffia.

Tip: Use lightweight card stock for smaller boxes and medium-weight for larger ones.

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DIY & Crafts

Valentine's Day craft: Sweet packages