10 stunning plants that will add life to your home

10 stunning plants that will add life to your home

Photography by Angus Fergusson


10 stunning plants that will add life to your home

The best way to beat those midwinter blues? A touch of green. Read on for our guide to low-maintenance houseplants.

When it comes to decorating, we believe most spaces benefit from a plant or two, and the decor world agrees—houseplants have made a comeback. According to Jill Jensen, founder of Jill Jensen Botanicals, a Clarington, Ont., tropical-plant wholesale company, the resurgence in popularity comes down to four things: Compact, easy-to-care-for plants appeal to both small-space dwellers and novice gardeners; good-quality botanicals are more readily available at garden centres, flower shops and even your local grocery store; we now know they improve our mental health; and decorative pots have received an esthetic upgrade, with options in everything from marble to ombré woven baskets. When caring for houseplants, Jensen says the first step is having the right environment. Tropical houseplants typically do best in a temperature-controlled space—over 17°C is OK, but above 21°C is ideal. Read on for our selections and Jensen's best tips to ensure that your plants thrive.



1. Chinese evergreen(Aglaonema 'Osaka')

Great for spaces that don't get a lot of natural light, this leafy choice is also less susceptible to both pests and disease.


2. ZZ plant(Zamioculcas zamifolia)

This stylish plant is almost indestructible. It thrives in low-light conditions and needs only moderate watering, so it's ideal for first-time plant owners—or for those with black thumbs!


3. Pink paddle or pink quill (Tillandsia cyanea)

Named for its colourful spiky flower, this pretty tropical will sprout suckers, or tiny shoots, as it ages; once the shoots reach a substantial size, you can separate them to form new plants.


4. Dragon tree (Dracaena deremensis 'White Surprise')

This hardy variety can grow up to six feet tall but doesn't tend to spread out, which makes it ideal for small living or work spaces.


5. Succulents

A succulent is any plant that stores water in its leaves or stem. Available in a variety of rich textures and colours, these trendy botanicals prefer lots of light; since they're desert plants, don't overwater them (allow the soil to dry completely between waterings).


6. Peacock or zebra plant (Calathea roseopicta)

Don't expose the maroon leaves of this plant to direct sunlight—it will cause the delicate tissue to burn


7. Dwarf fiddle-leaf fig (Ficus lyrata)

This compact version of the popular fiddle-leaf fig adds visual impact without taking up too much space.


8. Moonlight philodendron

One of the few plants with the same common and botanical name, this lush pick purifies the air in your home. It's also easy to care for, as it does well in most light conditions (except direct sun) and can survive with occasional two- to three-week intervals between waterings.


9. Rubber plant (Ficus elastica)

This fast-growing plant benefits from regular pruning— otherwise, it will quickly become overgrown. If the wide, flat leaves get dusty, wipe them gently with a soft damp cloth.


10. Mistletoe cactus (Rhipsalis cereuscula)

Unlike most cacti, this variety is native to the rainforest, so it prefers ample moisture (ensure good drainage so roots don't sit in water) and indirect light. It produces small white flowers in late winter or early spring, followed by small berries (similar to the ones on mistletoe, hence the name). Handle with care—the stems break easily.


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10 stunning plants that will add life to your home