10 ways to put more green in your pocket

10 ways to put more green in your pocket

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10 ways to put more green in your pocket

10 simple ways to save energy and money:

1. Use your microwave

Cooking and reheating with a microwave is faster and more efficient than using the stovetop or oven, thus reducing up to 70 per cent of energy use.

2. Arrange furniture to take advantage of natural light
Place desks and reading chairs next to windows to cut down on the need and use of supplemental artificial light during the day.

3. Consider buying a laptop
Laptops use 50 per cent of the energy used by a typical desktop PC when plugged in and just 1 per cent when running on batteries.

4. Set your thermostat no higher than 20 C in winter
This is a very comfortable temperature if you are dressed properly.

5. Buy a front-loading washing machine
They are far superior to top loaders for saving energy and energy.

6. Turn off the oven 10 to 15 minutes before cooking time runs out
Food will continue to cook without using the extra electricity.

7. Clean refrigerator gaskets regularly
Your refrigerator will operate more efficiently and use less electricity.

8. Install ceiling fans to save money on cooling and heating
In the summer, use them in place of a central air conditioner. In the winter, a ceiling fan with a motor that runs in reverse can push warm air down from the ceiling and thus conserve energy.

9. Use the "no-heat" dry setting on your dishwasher
Heat drying is not necessary after a hot-wash cycle. If you don't have an air-dry setting on your model, turn the dishwasher off after the final rinse and prop the door open, allowing your dishes to air-dry.

10. Unplug appliances to save energy while you're away
Many small and large appliances continue to draw electricity even when turned off.

Crissy Trask is author of It's Easy Being Green: A Handbook for Earth-Friendly Living.

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10 ways to put more green in your pocket