19 eco-friendly gift ideas

19 eco-friendly gift ideas



19 eco-friendly gift ideas

When it comes to buying presents, we may not always be as ecologically minded as we are with other purchases, but an original, thoughtfully chosen present that makes a positive difference to the environment can be just as pleasurable to give.

1. Tree – a gift for life
Dedicate a tree in someone's honour, or give a "Grow-a-tree" kit.

2. Solar-powered gadget
Use the sun's free, renewable and endless supply of energy to power an iPod or charge a cellphone. Good for people who are always on the go.

3. Homemade jams & pies
Choose your favourite recipe and get to work in the kitchen. The best part is designing your own labels.

4. Water barrel
Collects and stores rainwater for watering the garden. Reduces water consumption, as well as water bills.

5. Vegetable & fruit box scheme
Kick-start a food revolution by giving a trial month's worth of local, organic food grown by small, local producers. It's healthy, delicious, and good for the environment.

6. Organic linens
Soft, cosy, and luxurious, organic bed sheets, comforters and pillowcases are made from raw materials produced without harsh chemical treatments.

7. Bicycle
Harness a loved one's pedal power with a new, upgraded or secondhand bike.

8. Wooden toys for children
Plastics are used in 80 per cent of new toys; eschew plastic toys and choose natural wood next time you shop for children's toys.

9. "No sweat" sneakers
Fashionable sneakers and athletic shoes made by fair-trade labour using rubber soles from sustainably managed forests.

10. Foraged produce
It takes time and effort to forage for edibles, which will surely by appreciated by the recipient of a jar full of chestnuts or some wild blackberries.

11. Recycled glass homeware
Stylish and ethical wineglasses, pitchers and decanters made from recycled glass are the height of eco design.

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Excerpted from A Slice of Organic Life, edited by Sheherazade Goldsmith. Excerpted with permission of Dorling Kindersley. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced except with permission in writing from the publisher. 12. Membership to an environmental organization
There are many worthwhile groups promoting a more sustainable way of life.

13. Charitable gift
From tree seedlings to health and hygiene kits, a donation to a charity will help provide basic necessities to those who need it in the developing world – and is a perfect gift for someone who has everything.

14. Homemade liqueur
Take a bottle of gin, vodka or whiskey and add your choice of fruit; sloe gin or raspberry vodka make wonderfully delicious gifts.

15. Organic body-care products
The skin absorbs most of what we put on it, so opt for organic essential oils, herbs and other natural ingredients when giving a pampering body-care present.

16. A cloth diaper set
Easy to use, and better for baby and the environment; help a new parent make a dent in the tons of diaper waste going to landfill with a set of reusables.

17. "Time" gift certificates
Anything from gardening help, child care or a candlelit meal, a gift of your time can be tailored specifically to the recipient.

18. Reusable shopping bag
Help someone get over a plastic bag addiction with a handy, long-lasting shopping bag made from cotton, linen or hemp.

19. Books promoting sustainable activities
These could include guides for bicycling, walking, camping, or any and all types of flora and fauna.


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19 eco-friendly gift ideas