5 fabulous planters to suit every style

5 fabulous planters to suit every style


5 fabulous planters to suit every style

Stylist Sasha Seymour creates containers with unexpected plant combinations to dress up your garden for summer.

Mod appeal
The combination of silvery grey, chartreuse and purple plantings is fresh and modern, especially when set in a contemporary concrete container.

Tip: Trailing herbs make fantastic fillers.

Tiered Interest
A grouping of containers in different sizes is unified by the plants within and the palette.

Tip: Choose three shades of hydrangea for a trendy ombré effect.

Garden variety
Texture is the word here. The arrangement is much like a border of mixed perennials on a smaller scale.

Tip: At the end of the season, plant hardy perennials in your garden.

Casual charmer
This classy container is potted with a dashing trio— English lavender, common flowering quince and tuberous begonia.

Tip: Add lovely fragrance to your container with English cucumber.

Mellow yellow
The sunny blooms of the peony and begonia, combined with hyacinth and Boston fern, have welcoming appeal.

Tip: Decorate your outdoor dining table with this cheeful container.

Pick your pot
Make a statement in your garden with one of these shapely containers.

1. Carnivale large white planter, $70,
2. Footed urn planter, $149,
3. Radius medium planter, $99,
4. Root and Stock rectangular planter box, from $159,
5. Canvas modern urn planter, $70,

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5 fabulous planters to suit every style