Green living: women lead, men heed

Green living: women lead, men heed



Green living: women lead, men heed

In a Canada-wide poll, Cascades found that 73% of Canadian women say they are the ones who make the most efforts in their homes when it comes to helping the environment by recycling, compared to 58% of men. But while women are more likely to initiate the recycling process, men are more often the ones who take the recycling bin out to the curb (68% versus 38%).

According to the Cascades Index, women are the ones implementing green practices within the home. They are more likely to purchase products made from recycled materials, pay a premium for products with a smaller environmental footprint and more careful about how they dispose of products after use.

Canadians are making big changes
Canadians are increasingly changing their consumer habits to reduce their impact on the environment. In fact, nearly half of respondents said they had done so, which represents a 5% increase from the previous year.

More great news: Canadians are unwilling to compromise on the quality of the products they buy. According to the 2010 Cascades Index, more respondents than last year consider recycled paper products (bathroom tissue and paper towel) just as good quality as the non-recycled counterparts.

Cascades boasts a line of bathroom tissue and paper towels made from 100% recycled fibres that are bleached without chlorine and produced with 80% less water than the Canadian industry average. These products are also compostable and biodegradable, so it's no wonder more Canadians are opting for these products to help them go green. Cascades Enviro® 100% recycled fibre is the number one green tissue brand in Canada, and the only tissue in Canada with both the EcoLogo™ and Processed Chlorine-Free (PCF) certification.

Do the math!
In order to help consumers appreciate the actual benefits of using tissue made from 100% recycled fibres (as opposed to tissue from virgin fibres), Cascades has included an environmental calculator on its website

For example, if an average family of four were to use Cascades Enviro® 100% recycled fibre bathroom tissue and paper towel instead of virgin fibre products, in one year they would save the equivalent of:

• 4,899 bottles of water
• 799 washing machine cold water loads
• 35 kilometres travelled by a compact car

A sustainable development pioneer with 45 years' experience in recycling and an ongoing commitment to research and development, Cascades puts these strengths to work to create innovative products. Cascades is proud to be the official paper supplier for Earth Day.

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Green living: women lead, men heed