How going green can save you money

How going green can save you money



How going green can save you money

Going green is easy, right? Who among us doesn't remember to turn down the heat at night or shut off the tap while brushing their teeth? These little acts of green are important, but there are plenty more ways to live responsibly – and you'll even save some cash as you go!

If an afternoon of cleaning leaves your hands drier than the proverbial desert, it might be time to reassess your preferred cleaning supplies. Besides saving your manicure, swapping store-bought for natural products is a safer choice around your family (especially if you have small children) and will eliminate extra money spent on these items on your next grocery run.

Sadly, it seems that daily commutes are a way of life for many Canucks, and driving around in cars, vans and SUVs is a major source of the pollution we generate. But there are driving tips and techniques that can help make your daily travel cleaner and greener. Find out below just how to lessen the amount of air pollution from your car, plus, find out just how much toxic fumes your old lawnmower could be spewing and discover alternatives.

Now that you're in the habit of making your daily life greener, consider planning special occasions to be more eco-friendly: from low-key outdoor picnics, to birthday parties, even your wedding can be green. A green wedding can be a compelling symbol of a couple's love for each other – and the environment they share. The best part is that you can keep all the elements of a traditional wedding. Browse below for seven inspiring tips to help you plan the day of your dreams while minimizing environmental (and financial) strain. Plus, find a fabulous designer who creates formalwear for women in an organic cotton/bamboo jersey blend that can be shipped Canada-wide.

Green home: Natural (and cheap) household cleaning products
Use these simple recipes for green cleaning products to clean your house the natural and eco-friendly way. Bonus: they're inexpensive, too!

If you're looking for green alternatives to standard household cleaning products, try some of the following formulas and techniques for natural cleaning products. They are safer for your home, your children, your animal friends, and the environment. And they cost less!

Make-your-own green all-purpose cleaner
• Mix vinegar and salt for a good surface cleaner.
• Pour some baking soda and vinegar on a damp sponge. It will clean and deodorize all kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

6 ways to go green and save money
Great money-saving tips that benefit your wallet and the environment.

With mounting concerns about the environment and the economy, there's never been a better tie to work money-saving, green practices into your day-to-day life. Ready?

Here are six ways that going green can save you the green!

Top 10 ways to reduce air pollution
Save money and help improve air quality.

Smog alerts have become a regular feature of life in the city. But you can be part of the pollution: even small changes in your daily routine can help us all breathe easier.

1. Don't idle
Do you keep the car running while dashing into the store for milk? "Even that 30 seconds makes a difference," says Wolnik. "If you accumulate that for everyone, that's huge." For example, if citizens of my own community, Whitby, Ontario, idled our cars 5 minutes less every day, we could make a cumulative annual CO2 reduction of 4,209 tonnes -- and save $1.3 million in gas.

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How going green can save you money