Water-saving ideas for every household

Water-saving ideas for every household



Water-saving ideas for every household

Using less water in your home isn't as hard as you may think. Explore our list of water-saving tips and learn about the reasons and issues behind water conervation in the articles below. Once you see how easy saving water is, make sure to get the whole family onboard for maximum results.

10 ways to conserve water in your home
From your bathroom to your garden, learn steps you can take to reduce your levels of water consumption and conserve water in your home.

Help the environment in just 10 minutes a day
5 easy ways to reduce your impact on the planet.

Saving water: How to conserve water in your kitchen
How to be more water conscious in your kitchen.

How to use less water in the garden
Read these tips on how to be water wise when caring for your garden.

How saving water will save you money
Learn how you can save over $150 a year by cutting your household water usage.

Why Jennifer Aniston conserves water
Get tips on saving water from actress Jennifer Aniston.

Green gardening: eco-friendly lawn and garden ideas
Want to make your lawn and garden more eco-friendly? Read on for tips on greener gardening.

Canadian Living guide to greener living
Learn how to make your lifestyle more eco-friendly with 100+ doable tips for home and family.

Water conservation: Why Canada needs a national strategy
Millions of Canadians face water shortages every year. Find out why we need a national strategy to conserve this essential resource.

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Water-saving ideas for every household