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Ellenesque Felted Bowl knitting pattern

Ellenesque Felted Bowl knitting pattern

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Ellenesque Felted Bowl knitting pattern

These super simple felted bowls are a cinch to knit and make wonderful hand-made gifts for the holidays!

The Ellenesque Bowls are a practical and stylish solution to all your storage needs. Knitting your own bowl is an easy way to create the perfect size vessel for any purpose, and you can choose from a variety of colour options in our Merino Copito yarn to match your home décor. We love our Merino Copito yarn for this project based on its stunning texture, because it is 100% merino wool, and it felts beautifully. A felted bowl keeps its shape and ensures nothing you store will slip through the stitches.

Knitting tips:
This project is a great introduction to knitting-in-the-round and simple shaping - if you follow the instructions, you are guaranteed great results. The bowl shape is created through decreases, similar to those required to shape the crown of a hat. The felting process hides any beginner mistakes and uneven stitches. To ensure an attractive final product, follow the felting instructions carefully. When felting your bowl, remember to do it in stages so you don’t end up accidentally felting it too much and losing the texture of the yarn. You cannot dust or machine-wash a 100% merino wool bowl. To keep your bowl looking clean and new, hand-wash it and use a lint-roller to remove any dust in-between washes.

- 3-5 Skeins of Americo Merino Copito (100% Wool) 100 g / 43 yards (40 m)
- 12 mm (US 17) 24” (60 cm) circular needles
- 12 mm (US 17) double-pointed needles
- 1 stitch marker
- Yarn needle or crochet hook

Note about the yarn: Merino Copito is available through Americo Original online and in select yarn stores. You can substitute any bulky weight 100% wool yarn from your stash. If substituting yarn, make sure to use 100% wool. Plant based and synthetic fibres will not felt.  

Small bowl (3 skeins), medium bowl (4 skeins), large bowl (5 skeins). You can easily customize your bowls – grab an extra skein of yarn if you want to make your bowl deeper or wider. Keep in mind your bowl will shrink when felted by about 30%.

Not essential for this pattern

k2tog (slant to R): Insert the needle into the front of the 2 knit stitches from left to right. Draw the yarn through to the front knitwise, and drop both stitches from the needle.

SSK (slant to the L): Slip 2 stitches knitwise onto the R needle. Insert L needle into the front of both slipped stitches and draw yarn through to the front. Drop both stitches from the needle.

Garter Stitch: Flat knitting – Knit every row
Circular knitting – Knit 1 round, purl 1 round

DPN: double pointed needles   
PSSO: pass slipped stitches over   
Sl: slip a stitch onto the right-hand needle purlwise   

M or PM; //M//: stitch marker or place marker; denotes stitch marker dividing sections

Using 12mm (US 17) 24” (60cm) needles, cast on 45 (63, 81) stitches, place stitch marker and join in the round.

Knit 1 row; purl 1 row for 7 (17cm) - 10 inches (25 cm) or desired depth.

Decrease Rounds – (switch to 12mm (US17) double pointed needles when needed)

Knit 2 rounds

Next Round: (SSK, K5, k2t) repeat to end of round [35 (49, 63) stitches]

Knit 2 rounds

Next Round: (SSK, K3, k2t) repeat to end of round [25 (35, 45) stitches]

Knit 2 rounds

Next Round: (K1, Sl 2, K1, PSSO, K1) repeat to end of round [15 (21, 27) stitches]

Knit 2 rounds
Next Round: (Sl 2, K1, PSSO) to end [5 (7, 9) stitches]

Cut thread and weave through remaining stitches, draw up tight and secure inside.

Sew in all loose ends

Felting instructions:
Put pieces in top-loading washing machine. You do not need to add soap or detergent. Using a low-level of cold water, run the cycle for 15 minutes. Put in a pair of jeans (in non-interfering colour) for extra agitation.  After one cycle, check for size. Repeat as necessary. Run through the rinse and dry spin cycle. Lay felted piece onto a dry towel, away from direct heat or sunlight. Do not hang on a clothes drying rack.
Shape piece and dry over a bowl or container to help it retain its shape. If an edge ripples, baste a thread through the edge and gather in. Remove the thread after the felting is dry.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Note: All washing machines will felt at different rates. It is always best to try felting a small swatch just to see how your machine will work. If it does not felt enough try putting it through twice. Front loaders are not generally appropriate for felting, as the cycle cannot be interrupted once started.
Aftercare instructions:
You have spent a lot of time and care completing these items through their knitting/crocheting and felting stages. A little thought to its aftercare will ensure that you have these beautiful felted items for many years to come.

After you have subjected your item to the felting process, you may think that it has gone through the most vigorous and tortured wash that yarn could ever endure. Now you assume that you can throw that felted item into the hot wash cycle along with your sheets. Do not do it! Treat your newly felted item with caution and care in order to avoid further distortion or shrinkage.

Felted handmade items can always be improved with brushing if desired.

Even a slight pressing will give a smoother appearance to felted fabric. Always press lightly using a steam iron and a damp cloth. Never press down on the fabric but hold the iron just above the fabric.

Americo Original is a Canadian yarn company and online knitting shop with its own line of quality yarns, knitwear patterns and accessories. Americo’s yarns are made exclusively in the Andean highlands of South America, using only natural fibres, including luxurious wool, llama, alpaca, cotton, linen, silk and cashmere. Americo and its in-house design lab are based in Toronto, offering international shipping from its online store:

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Ellenesque Felted Bowl knitting pattern