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Mallard Cowl Knitting Pattern

Mallard Cowl Knitting Pattern

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Mallard Cowl Knitting Pattern

We absolutely love this chunky knit for those cold, winter days and you will too!

The Mallard Cowl is a chunky knit that will keep you extra warm on the coldest days. Americo’s Eco Rasta is a roving-style yarn made from 100% eco wool which comes from free range sheep; the yarn has not been subject to harsh chemicals, dyes or bleaches in production. The yarn comes in a variety of sophisticated neutral colours that will coordinate beautifully with your winter outerwear.

Knitting Tips:

We designed the cowl with a mistake rib pattern stitch that is easy to learn and quick to knit. The stitch is called mistake rib because knitters sometimes discover it when they accidentally cast on an odd number of stitches for a 2x2 rib pattern stitch. After you finish knitting the cowl, you will join the ends together to create a closed loop. A nice feature of knitting a cowl flat and then sewing the ends together is that the length is easily adjustable – if you would like a shorter cowl that you pull over your head, knit to roughly half the length prescribed. If you would like a cowl that you loop three times over your head, knit longer than prescribed (and be sure to get extra yarn if making longer or wider). The optional three-needle bind off creates a neat seam and is one of the simplest ways to join two sets of live stitches together. Bind off in whichever way you are comfortable with if the three-needle bind off looks intimidating to you.

- 5 Skeins of Americo Eco Rasta (100% Eco Wool) 100 g / 38 yards (35 m)
- 15 mm (US19) size needles
- Yarn needle

Note about the yarn: Eco Rasta is available through Americo Original online and at select yarn stores. You can substitute with Americo’s Merino Copito, Copito Medio (held double) or Tweed Grande, or with any suitable bulky weight yarns in your stash. You can hold multiple strands together of a thin yarn to create a thicker yarn.

Measurements: 51 inches (130 cm) length x 16 inches (40 cm) width; while pattern stitch is lying relaxed.

Gauge: 6 stitches and 8.5 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) in pattern using 15 mm (US 19) size needles or size needed to achieve gauge.


K, k: knit

P, p: purl

3-needle bind off    

To start there must be the same number of stitches on two needles. Hold the two needles parallel so that the right sides of the knitting face each other.             

1. Using a 3rd needle knit the first stitch on each needle as if to k2t, inserting the 3rd needle into each stitch individually.             

2. Knit the next stitch on each needle together in the same way – you will now have 2 stitches on the 3rd needle.             

3. Use the tip of one of the other needles to lift the first stitch on the needle over the second stitch and off the needle – 1 stitch remains on the 3rd needle.             

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all stitches are bound off.

Mistake Rib Pattern Stitch (multiples of 4 + 3)

Row 1: (K2, p2) to last 3 stitches, k2, p1

Repeat every row.


Using 15 mm (US 19) size needles, cast on 23 stitches.

Work in mistake rib pattern stitch described above until work measures 51 inches or desired length.

Cast off in pattern OR with a spare needle pick up 23 stitches evenly across the cast on edge and work a modified 3-needle bind off. This will reduce the bulk on the inside seam. 

Sew the cast on and cast off edges neatly together. If you desire a twist in your cowl, you can twist it one time before seaming. Sew in all loose ends.

Americo Original is a Canadian yarn company and online knitting shop with its own line of quality yarns, knitwear patterns and accessories. Americo’s yarns are made exclusively in the Andean highlands of South America, using only natural fibres, including luxurious wool, llama, alpaca, cotton, linen, silk and cashmere. Americo and its in-house design lab are based in Toronto, offering international shipping from its online store: 

Follow Americo Orignal Inc. on FacebookInstagram @americooriginal and Pinterest for daily knitting inspiration.



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Mallard Cowl Knitting Pattern