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How to choose the right air conditioner to beat the heat!

Stay Cool For Summer

Credit: Midea | Smart Inverter U-Shaped Window Air Conditioner

Organization & Cleaning

How to choose the right air conditioner to beat the heat!


When the blistering days of summer set in, there’s nothing more likely to make us swoon from the heat than the prospect of being at home with no air conditioning. But expensive central air isn’t always an option. If you haven’t discovered Midea's innovative air-conditioning models, prepare to breathe a sigh of relief.

Read on to learn more about two top-rated high-efficiency air conditioning units from Midea that provide blissful cool air to transform your hot-as-an-oven space into a refreshing, quiet oasis.


Choose innovative design

The first Smart Inverter U-shaped Window Air Conditioner from Midea is devised to allow you to open and close your window while the unit is installed. How great is that? Fresh air isn’t sacrificed on cooler days and nights. This best seller has built-in air ionizer technology, which means cleaner, better quality air. Another option is the powerful and efficient, yet ultra-quiet, Midea Duo Smart Inverter Portable Air Conditioner which features an industry first hose-in-hose design with two independent air channels to balance the cool air coming in and the hot air going out. Its 3-in-1 comfort means you get high-power cooling (twice as fast as traditional portable air conditioners), dehumidification and fan modes in a single compact unit that can move from room to room.

The best part? Both models have smart control options, so you don’t even need to get up from the couch to change the temperature or the flow!


Opt for energy efficiency

Say goodbye to the days of getting up close and personal with your AC unit. Midea's Inverter Technology is a proven-energy saving tool that offers superior efficiency while producing constant cooling, with minimal noise.
Energy Star-rated, Midea’s Smart Inverter U-shaped Window Air Conditioner with DC Inverter Technology lets you feel the cool air from up to 20 feet away (say, the comfort of your bed).
And, Midea's Duo Smart Inverter Portable Air Conditioner with optimized air duct system blows two times the amount of cool air 26 feet further than traditional portable units, to reach every corner of your room. Midea’s Inverter technology offers 35 percent or more energy savings.

Credit: Midea | DUO Smart Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

Enjoy the tranquility

As the world’s number-one air treatment brand*, Midea has worked hard to design air conditioners that function beyond their cooling capabilities. Case in point: The Midea U-shaped and Duo Smart models both boast low sound performance—a far cry from the clunky and noisy units of the past. The shape of the Midea U-shaped allows the compressor to rest outside the window, virtually blocking its noise when you’re inside and making it ultra quiet. The Duo achieves maximum cooling with minimum noise (as low as 42 decibels), so you’ll still be able to wake up rested and refreshed to the sound of birds chirping.

Learn more about Midea's innovative air-conditioning models here!



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Organization & Cleaning

How to choose the right air conditioner to beat the heat!