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Lessen the load on your dryer

Lessen the load on your dryer

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Organization & Cleaning

Lessen the load on your dryer

Dryers have always been the power-hungry half of the laundry pair. In fact, electric dryers account for more of our household energy use than any other appliance. Although this spring sees the launch of Canada's first Energy Star–rated dryer, air-drying remains the most economical—and environmentally friendly—option. Here are three innovative air-dryers that will make you think twice before hitting the on switch.

1. Wool dryer balls
They may not look like much, but these pure-wool balls are the best thing that's ever happened to your dryer. Designed to last for years, they slash drying time and energy usage by absorbing moisture and serve as an effective substitute for fabric softener. You may never need to buy dryer sheets again. Über Cool wool dryer balls, $29 per pair,

dryer balls

2. Clothesline
Tired of fussing with clothespins? This clever clothesline automatically clips and unclips garments as you reel them out. Cord-o-Clip 50-foot clothesline, $130,


3. Drying rack

Perfect for a pint-size condo, this sturdy rack folds flat for easy storage. For Living clothes dryer with hanging bar, $70,

drying rack

4. Clip-hanging dryer

Place a bucket beneath this clip-happy octopus so any closet can become a clothes dryer. Pressa hanging dryer, $6,

clip-hanging dryer

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This story was originally part of "Your Ultimate Laundry Guide" in the April 2015 issue.
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Organization & Cleaning

Lessen the load on your dryer