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The Worst Trait of Each Astrological Sign

The Worst Trait of Each Astrological Sign

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Life & Relationships

The Worst Trait of Each Astrological Sign

We can't blame all our traits on our astrological sign... but for some, yes! 
It is well known that specific personality characteristics are associated with certain astrological signs. Although these are rather stereotypes, we must admit some are quite accurate!    

A little tip: if you find that your attribute is not like you, check your ascendant sign!    

♈ Aries - You are impulsive  

As the first sign of the Zodiac, you are in some ways the "baby" among the 12 signs. Those born under this sign are often impatient when they don't get what they want. As a Fire sign, you spring into action, so you sometimes (often) act without thinking!   
Yes, you are ambitious and efficient, but sometimes you need to take a moment to think before you make a move.


♉ Taurus - You are not flexible  

We know that Taurus is stubborn, but it goes beyond that: you have trouble making compromises. When you have an idea on your mind, you hate it when someone tries to change it.   
In the same vein, you're adamant about your routine and your private life, whether it's your apartment, your house or your bedroom.     

♊ Gemini - You change your mind all the time  

The Gemini symbol, the twins, represents your two-faced side. This is not because you are untrustworthy people, but rather because you change your mind all the time!   
One morning you wake up thinking one thing and by the time you go to bed it's the opposite. This makes you hard to understand for your loved ones!     

♋ Cancer - You expect to get back what you give  

Dear Cancer, you love to give time, love and energy to the people you love. This is good, except when you get angry with them when they don't reciprocate.  
You take it personal and find it disrespectful, but that's just because not everyone shows their love like you do.    

♌ Leo - You constantly need validation  

We often hear that Leos love attention, but it's deeper than that. Not only do you want people to notice you, but you want them to notice your talents and keep reminding you how amazing you are!  
Your self-esteem comes too much from the approval of others, and this can cause you a lot of grief.    

♍ Virgo - You are too meticulous  

Being a perfectionist is a great quality, except when it becomes an obsession! You pay so much attention to detail that you only focus on the negative aspects.   
People around you eventually get tired of hearing you criticize yourself, but also that you only notice what they do wrong!    

♎ Libra - You're pretentious  

There's a fine line between being confident and thinking you're better than others. Libra, it's not necessarily that you consider yourself superior, but you always find that your opinion and taste are the only ones that are valid!   
People can feel judged by you, even when you don't mean to.   

♏ Scorpio - You are too intense  

Scorpios, calm down! Not every encounter is an incredible connection and not every new passion is a life calling. Your intensity makes you vulnerable: since you put everything on a pedestal, you are often disappointed.   
In relationships as in work, try not to take everything too much to heart.


♐ Sagittarius - You are naive  

Sagittarians are people who are often lucky in life. Because of this ease, you sometimes forget that some people have bad intentions.  
You are so quick to open up to people, and you trust them so much, that it can be easy to take advantage of your kind heart.     

♑ Capricorn - You work too hard  

Your work ethic is very rigorous, and that's a credit to you! On the other hand, you are so focused on your goals, that you can neglect your relationships, and even care of yourself!   
If you see a relationship as another goal to achieve, you'll lose it's magic. It's all about balance!    

♒ Aquarius - You love your independence too much  

Being independent is vitally important in life, but not that important! Aquarians, if your job prevents you from doing something you've been wanting to do, you leave.   If a relationship requires you to compromise, you leave. Speaking of relationships, your loved ones often feel expendable because of it. 


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The Worst Trait of Each Astrological Sign