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5 easy ways to get ready for Easter

5 easy ways to get ready for Easter

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5 easy ways to get ready for Easter

Have fun this Easter by crafting with the kids, decorating a basketful of pretty pastel cookies and preparing a delicious holiday feast.

If you have a wee one in the family, a hand-sewn Easter bunny and garden play mat is a special gift they'll treasure for years to come. Youngsters will also love to spend an afternoon making traditional Easter eggs, while older kids can tackle shibori, the art of dyeing eggs a traditional Japanese way.

If you're not entirely sure what to cook up for Easter dinner, browse our collection of holiday favourites, below. Choose an entree and side dishes from our best Easter dinners, from ham to pork and lamb and seasonal fresh veggies, there's something every family will enjoy.

Easter craft: Felt rabbits and garden play mat
These hand-sewn rabbits and the accompanying machine-sewn play mat will provide hours of fun for the little ones in your life.

These rabbits can hop around the play mat, or one can be a little gift all by itself. If you do not have time to make both a rabbit and the mat, make a rabbit first, then make the mat to give at a later date.

Easter egg idea: Shibori eggs
Add a unique touch to Easter eggs with this easy Japanese dyeing technique.

Soft blurry-edged patterns are one of the charms of this adaptation of the Japanese dyeing technique known as shibori.

Easter Egg Cookies

A yummy holiday treat the kids can help make and decorate.

Glaze these with pastel colours or pipe names on them to use as place cards. Cream of tartar makes these cookies crisp, while the icing sugar makes them tender.

What's for Easter dinner? We've assembled our favourites to help you decide
Your guests will love these Easter dinner recipe ideas.

For a traditional take on Easter dinner, we have assembled our most popular entrees to build your dinner around. Whether you're planning a sit-down dinner or a buffet-style meal for a crowd, here are our best ideas for ham, lamb, pork or turkey. Any of these options will make for a stunning centerpiece to your special family meal.

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5 easy ways to get ready for Easter