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5 funny ideas for April Fool's Day pranks

5 funny ideas for April Fool's Day pranks

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5 funny ideas for April Fool's Day pranks

Everyone has their favourite April Fool's pranks. My favourite was from my childhood was the good old salt and sugar swap. Year after year my sister and I woke up early and filled the sugar bowl with salt and the salt shaker with sugar. My parents were kind enough to play along and act surprised when they ended up with salt in their tea.

We've gathered up five ideas for fairly innocent (but funny) pranks to play on your family and coworkers this April Fool's Day.

The orange juice prank

This one is pretty gross but extremely easy. Mix powdered cheese from boxed macaroni and cheese in a pitcher of water and leave it in the fridge. It looks like orange juice but definitely doesn't taste like it!

Doughnut surprise

Everyone loves to see you walk in with a box of doughnuts but wait till they peek inside, expecting to grab a chocolate glaze and find it full of something less appealing – like broccoli. Equally funny with a timbits box left in the work lunch room.

Jell-O juice surprise

Make a batch of Jell-O in individual cups with straws inside. Watch while someone tries to slurp up the juice.

Spilled milk prank

This one takes some planning but it could make for some great reactions. Spread some white craft glue on a piece of glass or plastic in the shape of spilled milk and let it dry. Peel off and place it on anything you'd be sad to see covered in milk and wait for a reaction.

Cauliflower milkshakes
Your family might think they are getting dessert for dinner – but you'll know better. Serve creamy cauliflower soup in tall heatproof milkshake glasses with long parfait spoons and wait for the first bite.

Want more April Fool's food ideas? Our April Fool's menu has more great tricks.


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5 funny ideas for April Fool's Day pranks