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5 ways to give back this Thanksgiving

5 ways to give back this Thanksgiving

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5 ways to give back this Thanksgiving

From delivering home-baked goodies to helping a community in the developing world, here are five ways to give thanks this year.

We tend to think of Thanksgiving as a feast first started by early colonial settlers—but it also has its roots in Indigenous culture. Long before Europeans set foot in North America, First Nations communities came together to celebrate and give thanks for the fall harvest by sharing many of our now-traditional Thanksgiving foods, such as turkey, squash, cranberries and pumpkin. 

So, along with cooking up that big bird, why not make this a time of year for celebrating our rich multicultural heritage and giving thanks by giving back to your community?    

Here are five ways your family can give back this holiday season:

1. Deliver home baking to those in need
Get kids or family members to help with the cooking and decorating festive boxes to fill with goodies. Then, deliver the goodies to new or isolated neighbours in your community who may be struggling or alone over Thanksgiving. 

2. Host a multicultural dinner

Invite some new Canadians or other families on your street to join you for a multicultural Thanksgiving potluck dinner. Ask everyone to bring a dish that's representative of their ethnic background. It can be a great way to discover some new recipes, get to know your neighbours and share the burden of cooking the entire feast.

3. Volunteer at a charitable organization
The holidays can be a particularly hard time of year for those without a home or a family to spend them with. It's also a time when many charities are looking for volunteers to help with cooking or serving a meal for those in need. You can find out about available volunteer opportunities in your neighbourhood by checking online or with your local church or community centre. 

4. Donate to a local food bank

Donate to a local food bank on your own or join with others and collect food donations to help combat food insecurity by participating in the WE Scare Hunger campaign. Items reported as most needed by food banks are: pasta and pasta sauces; canned and frozen meats and fish; meat alternatives (peanut butter, soy, nuts); canned beans and soups; fresh, canned and powdered milk; canned vegetables and fruit; whole grain cereals; infant foods and baby formula; bathroom tissue and diapers; personal hygiene products. 

5. Help a community in the developing world

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, donate to WE Charity's Food Pillar to help those in the developing world combat food insecurity. Your donation will be used to help support innovative farming techniques and water management projects, to help ensure developing communities have access to healthy, self-sustaining food sources.

For more ideas on how to give back, check out WE Stories.



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5 ways to give back this Thanksgiving