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5 kitchen tools that will help you lose weight
Use these cuisine essentials to keep you on the path to eating right and staying slim.

Things men want to tell women -- but don't
What men want to tell the ladies in their lives but don't, PLUS a look at the female perspective, too.

Quiz: Are you a good partner?
Find out whether you're naughty or nice with these 10 questions.

8 ways to blast belly fat: exercise and diet tips for a slimmer stomach
Discover how to whittle your waistline and shrink ab fat cells, from reducing trans fats to lowering your stress levels.

10 things to talk about before you get married
The hot-button issues every couple should discuss before tying the knot.

Quiz: Would you be unfaithful?
Could you be swept off your feet by another man? Take our quiz to find out. PLUS, how to affair-proof your marriage.

8 ways to divorce-proof your marriage
Simple tips to keep your love for life.

8 secrets for dressing slimmer
Get the skinny on dressing right for your body type -- without resorting to head-to-toe black.

Slideshow: Canada's cutest pets
Meet the cats, dogs and other critters that won our judges' hearts in the 2007 Canadian Living Pet Photo Contest.

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Community & Current Events's top stories