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Cannabis companies to keep an eye on as marijuana is legalized

Cannabis companies to keep an eye on as marijuana is legalized

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Cannabis companies to keep an eye on as marijuana is legalized

Will dosist, 48North and Tweed expand in the Canadian recreational cannabis market?

Many already-established companies are eyeing Canada with the intention to set up shop once cannabis is legalized this year. While many of these companies are already a big part of the medical marijuana scene in Canada, we’re interested to see what they’ll do once recreational cannabis is legalized. Where you’ll be able to buy the products, where you can use them and how much you can possess will vary depending on which province or territory you reside in, but for now, these are the companies you should keep an eye on once legalization settles in for your medicinal or recreational needs.



Who: MedReleaf is Canada’s largest licensed cannabis producer and has been serving the medical-marijuana-industry since 2014 with an emphasis on patient care, scientific innovation, and the research and advancing of the understanding of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. With three state-of-the-art facilities in Ontario, its cannabis is sourced globally and then fine-tuned in one of the facilities. Currently, you must be a registered patient to purchase any of their products.

What they sell: Dried cannabis, oils and softgels are currently on the company's roster of supplies, as well as accessories—all priced competitively with a focus on quality.

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Who: This Ontario-based company’s marijuana is 100% greenhouse grown to produce safe and consistent medical cannabis products, which are proudly named after lakes all across Canada.

What they sell: Dried cannabis and cannabis oils. The cannabis oils are aimed at providing users with more precise dosing and longer lasting effects, and are produced using C02 extraction methods that preserve purity.

For more information on Aphria, visit



Who: Voted one of Time magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2016, dosist is a Californian cannabis-based health and wellness company that offers dose-controlled cannabis through its proprietary medical-grade vaporizer, the dose pen. Currently, dosist is attempting to make its mark in the Canadian market, but since cannabis concentrates were not included in the Cannabis Act passed earlier this year, Canadians are currently restricted from accessing their products. The company has launched an advocacy campaign with the focus on the therapeutic benefits of dose-controlled cannabis to urge the Canadian government to legalize and regulate cannabis concentrates and vape pens. Interested? We'll have to wait and see what happens.

What they sell: Through six formulas (Calm, Sleep, Bliss, Relief, Arouse, and Passion), dosist aims to deliver safe, targeted, and effective solutions for a variety of common ailments.

For more information, visit or

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Who: 48North is a cannabis company focused on women’s health and wellness, and will be releasing its product line of dried cannabis flower and oil, with plans to introduce health and beauty products and women’s wellness products once all forms of cannabis are legalized.

What they sell: Come October 17, expect to see the brand's dried flower cannabis and oil through province-regulated channels. Once the next phase of legalization comes into effect, the brand's goal is to offer CBD-based tinctures, topical creams, health and beauty products and women’s wellness products, such as cannabis-infused products designed for period cramps, sex and more. While Canada awaits legalization of all forms of cannabis, 48North is dedicated to leading the charge to educate women about cannabis and its various properties.

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Who: Owned by Julian Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, JuJu Royal is a cannabis company dedicated to spreading the message of legalization, love and freedom. They donate 1% of proceeds to the Weed for Warriors Project, a social lifestyle brand that supports holistic rehab for veterans through community-based projects, proactive care advocacy and cannabis education. Currently, JuJu Royal is available only in the States but with legalization looming, it’d be interesting to see if the cannabis company will attempt to enter the Canadian market.

What they sell: You’ll find a variety of products like CBD oil, tablets, cannabis tools for consumption and autographed apparel.

For more information, visit

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Who: AltaVie, which is owned by MedReleaf, is a recreational cannabis brand that focuses on wellness and mindfulness enrichment, with a current product line of cannabis-infused dark chocolate and toffee bars available across Canada. New products are expected to launch once legalization hits.

What they sell: Currently, AltaVie’s Cannabis Crunch, is available in stores across Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan. Flavours include Original (bars dusted with cashews and spices), Cinnamon & Cardamom, and Cinnamon & Peach.

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Who: Tweed started off about four years ago in Smith Falls, Ontario, and is now one of the most recognized cannabis brands globally. Tweed is the first regulated cannabis grower to offer registered users financial assistance towards the purchase of cannabis for medical use based on their income and the brand has been since focused on refining well-known strains and setting the standard for cannabis in Canada.

What they sell: They offer a variety of cannabis strains based on what you’re looking to achieve. In a creative rut? Penelope, Herringbone and Balmoral are set to spark the creativity you seek. Having trouble sleeping? The Argyle, Bakerstreet and Highlands strains may help address those sleepless woes.  

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Who: Solei was created by Aphria with a focus on demystifying cannabis with uncomplicated and easy-to-understand language. With a devotion to sustainability, all cannabis plants are grown in the most natural conditions at Aphria's greenhouses in Leamington, ON. Once on the market, all Solei products will have easy-to-use instructions designed to simplify the cannabis experience. 

What they sell: Solei will offer their six strains (Renew, Unplug, Free, Balance, Gather and Sense) through a carefully selected range of consumption methods such as dried flower, oils, oral spray and pre-ground hand milled flower. Each strain is designed to accompany and enhance a particular experience or moment in a consumer's life. 

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Who: Irisa is a female-focused wellness cannabis brand that was launched under the High Park Company in Toronto. The company is committed to educating consumers and believe women are leading a revolution to unveil the positive potential of cannabis.

What they sell: Come October 17, Irisa plans to roll out their product line of pre-rolls, massage oils and more across the country. 

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Cannabis companies to keep an eye on as marijuana is legalized