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Great ideas for a festive Canada Day

Great ideas for a festive Canada Day

Author: Canadian Living

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Great ideas for a festive Canada Day

Celebrating Canada Day is something most of us look forward to. If you're wondering what to do this year, search through our best articles for great ideas. From traditional Canadian recipes to new and fun family crafts, we've got your Canada Day plans covered.

Celebrate your heritage with a Canada Day quiz to see how much you know about your country or take another quiz to find out just how Canadian you are. If you think you know Canada, check out our travel planner, you just might find a great place to visit in your own backyard.

Festive Canada Day Recipes
Canada Day cake
Fireworks, friends and food. Throw a party for Canada Day and serve this special strawberry maple-leaf flag cake. Start with a 13- x 9-inch (3.5 L) sponge cake (recipe follows), or use your favourite recipe for white cake of that size, and completely cover it with whipped cream. Then form the outside red borders and distinctive maple leaf with sliced strawberries. Be sure to refrigerate the cake until sparkler time, then cut it and toast our birthday.

Canada Day Picnic Sandwich
Want something special to celebrate our country's birthday? Make Canada's best sandwich to put in your picnic hamper on any July 1. Simply hollow out a loaf of your favorite bread — we used round crusty loaf — and fill it with a truly delicious filling. The loaf can be transported to the picnic site in a cooler, then cut in wedges and served from a napkin lined basket.

Canada's best potato salad recipes
Potato salad recipes vary as far and wide as Canada itself. Here's a comprehensive list of potato salad recipes - each one equally fantastic - developed by The Canadian Living Test Kitchen. An irresistible summer indulgence, potato salad recipes combine fresh new potatoes with delicious herbs and seasonings. Our selections below include lightened-up potato salad recipes, trusted favourites plus new twists on plain old potato salad.

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Canada-grown treats
Eat your way across Canada
Enjoy a cross-country tour of our culinary home. From east to west, get a taste of what each great Canadian province has to offer.

Made in Canada
July 1 is the day to appreciate how fortunate we are to call Canada our culinary home. From sea to sea to sea, we shop at a lavishly provisioned store and from it set a pretty fine table. This multitude of blessings is what got The Canadian Living Test Kitchen into a tizzy of excitement as we contemplated celebrating July 1 with recipes featuring our finest homegrown ingredients. But what to choose? And how to set the limits...

Photo gallery: Editor's choice – Made-in-Canada beauty products
Support homegrown companies! Try these innovative, 100 per cent Canadian beauty products.

Photo gallery quiz: What's that berry?
Canada is home to a huge variety of berries that grow all summer long. Can you identify these 11 berry varieties?

Great Canadian Cheese Platter
Canada produces excellent cheeses from coast to coast. Though most are from large, high-quality factories, there are many small-scale cheese makers perfecting artisanal cheeses. Fig and Wine Conserve, Red Onion Marmalade or Sweet Ginger Almonds all make great additions to your cheese board, as well as fresh fruit. As a rule, buy 1 to 1-1/2 oz (30 to 45 g) of each type of cheese you're serving per person.

Gone fishing
The smell of open water, a forest of boat masts, a web of mooring ropes, the silhouette of a bird on a pole, kaleidoscopic piles of netting, and the wail of sea birds all lead toward the destination: pails of crabs skittering atop one another; sacks of fresh mussels; glimmering, silvery-scaled fish; jellylike squid; and glistening orange, pink, and white fish fillets. Fresh fish and seafood can be a sensory delight! Nourish your connection with local food by savouring locally caught fish and seafood -- and meeting the people involved in the harvest.

The Canadian people
What makes us Canadian?
Read other readers' responses to this question, and submit your own ideas to

Quiz: Do you know your Canadian trivia?
Do you think you're a Canadian trivia buff? Take our quiz to find out!

Canada's greenest communities
Visit six of the most eco-happy places in Canada. They'll make you want to pick up and move.

Canadian travel planner
Options abound when planning a trip in Canada. Let Canadian Living take the guesswork out of choosing a perfect destination for your family's next vacation!

Canadian crafts

8 Canada Day crafts
Searching for ways to up the festive factor of Canada Day? Check out these easy and fun kid-friendly crafts

Family Craft: Canada Day Bird
Our crafty maple-leaf birds are so simple that even young children will want to make their own. String your birds into a garland to drape across your front window, porch or picnic table. Or precut all the pieces, then let everyone sit on the grass -- to fold and glue and dot the eyes -- at the family cottage reunion.

Quilt Canada!
Few countries can claim the exhilarating contrasts between summer, winter, spring and fall that Canada does. So it seemed natural to New Brunswick quilter and teacher Lois Wilby-Hooper to celebrate these dramatic differences by designing a Canadian Seasons quilt. Changing seasons have inspired artists, poets and songwriters, so why not quilters? “I'm greatly influenced by the landscape and seasons of this area,” Lois says. “They are reflected in most of my designs.”

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Great ideas for a festive Canada Day