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Me to We Educator award winner

Me to We Educator award winner

Photo courtesy of Nadia Pasquini Image by: Photo courtesy of Nadia Pasquini Author: Canadian Living

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Me to We Educator award winner

Nadia Pasquini has taught at Chaminade College School, an all-male Catholic school in Toronto, for more than a decade. She initiated the school's Grade 9 orientation program, the Leadership and Peer Support Course, and the Tutoring Mentorship program.

She's the faculty leader of The Sandwich Patrol, in which students deliver homemade lunches to homeless people. As the driving force behind the school's Free the Children program, she has led student fundraising efforts to help those in Sierra Leone and Kenya.

Me to We will be donating $5,000 in award money to the Angel Foundation for Learning in honour of Nadia.

Canadian Living: I bet you would have been delighted to have had a classroom full of kids who were like Simon Atem (who won the Me to We In the Community award).
Nadia Pasquini: No kidding. It's important that we lead by example. We don't have to do big things; we can do small things that have just as much impact. One of the major things in giving back is to be a role model: Guide kids and give them the tools to do good in their society.

CL: How important is it for youth to share their voices?

Nadia: I totally agree. In my experience, youth are more open-minded. They come to us with fresh ideas and a willingness to step outside of their comfort zones.

CL: So what's next for you?

Nadia: We'll move on to local things. I'll be behind the scenes, motivating kids to find their passions and act on them.

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Honourable mentions for Me to We's Educator award
• Darren Parliament is the founder and leader of the Me to We club at Springdale Public School in Brampton, Ont. This year he taught his students about the desperate situation in Attawapiskat and inspired them to raise money for disaster relief.

• Brooke Reilly developed the Social Justice and Service Learning programs at Dr. G.M. Egbert Community School in Calgary. Through mentoring programs, activity days and antibullying campaigns, the school has helped students deal with issues of racial tension and bullying.

Without a doubt, this year's six winners of the annual Me to We Awards have earned their accolades. They have built a school in Sudan, supported education in India, volunteered in Kenya, launched an international self-esteem campaign, exposed human rights abuses, mentored HIV-AIDS orphans in Zambia and changed the lives of inner-city youth in Toronto.  
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Community & Current Events

Me to We Educator award winner