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Meet our December guest editor, Michael Bublé

Meet our December guest editor, Michael Bublé

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Meet our December guest editor, Michael Bublé

You could call him Mr. Christmas. Though the Burnaby, B.C.-born singer made his first big impression by covering the likes of Frank Sinatra, Kurt Weill and Tony Bennett, his 2011 holiday album (titled, simply, Christmas) has outperformed his many other successful recordings, earning diamond certification in Canada. Now, overall, we're talking millions versus even more millions of records sold around the world, but still—it's quantifiable proof that Michael knows how to channel the way we feel about Noel, and it returns to virtual and brick-and-mortar music store shelves each season.

No surprise, celebrating Christmas is a big deal in the Bublé household, involving Michael's large extended family, his wife, Luisana Lopilato, and their son, Noah (soon to be joined by Bublé Baby No. 2). He admits, though, that you aren't likely to find him roasting chestnuts or mashing potatoes. "Because there are so many of us—there are usually 30 or 40 people here—I'll usually hire a catering company," he says. "There's something really special about that home-cooked turkey and Mom making the pie and all that stuff. But there's something to be said for your family not having to clean up afterward."

Michael, who, like Canadian Living, turned 40 this year, says he owes his love of tinseltime to his parents, whom he says were "so excited" for him and his two younger sisters to enjoy the season that "they gave us this really special feeling about the holiday—and it was my fantasy to have a little kid and to give that to him or her."

Of course, that's another dream come true for Michael, whose two-year-old has already experienced his first Santa visit at Park Royal mall in West Vancouver. Above all else, the tradition he'd most like to pass along to Noah is "that sense of family, that sense of being together and loving each other and being present," says Michael. "It's not Christmas as much as it's the time leading up to Christmas that's so huge for us. That means taking the kids on the train at Stanley Park. Making sure the house is really festive and decorated is something that gets us in the spirit."

In their four-year marriage, Michael has had a lot of fun introducing Luisana, who's from Buenos Aires, to his favourite Canadian Christmas traditions. "In her culture, Christmas isn't as big a deal—they do a little thing on Christmas Eve. Now, she's starting to get excited about the lead-up and the shopping and the decorated streets. I'm trying to make her watch the movies, but to her, if a movie is older than, like, 1995, 'It's an old movie, Mike!' There's always one that I'll watch and get all emotional, because they're so sentimental."  

How to make a "Beezer"
"For me, a Caesar—not only is it delicious, not only is it festive, but I think it's also so distinctly Canadian. When I travel, one of the things we talk about when we get to the bar is, 'Do they have Caesar mix? Do they have Clamato?' " Here's how to make the Bublé version of a Caesar, a.k.a. Beezer, in seven steps:

1. Rim a tall glass with lemon. "A lot of people use lime; I like the lemon. I think my wife got me into that, as part of the Argentine culture."

2. Swirl the rim in seasoning salt. (Michael likes Mott's Clamato Rimmer.)

3. Add plenty of ice to the glass.

4. Add about 10 dashes of Worcestershire sauce ("I like it really dirty," he says), followed by about 10 dashes of Tabasco.

5. Pour in the desired amount of vodka.

6. Top up with Clamato and stir.

7. Garnish with celery if you must, but nothing trendy or funny (like a stick of beef jerky).

Watch Michael show our Editor-in-Chief, Sandra, how to make a beezer.


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Meet our December guest editor, Michael Bublé