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True north strong and free

True north strong and free

Author: Canadian Living

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True north strong and free

To be Canadian is to be proud. I am free to choose the many facets that make up my life: language, religion, education, whom I will marry, how many children I will have, my right to vote for elected officials and my career if I choose to have one. To be Canadian is indeed a blessing. To be a Canadian woman is a double blessing.
-Karen Slaunwhite, Oromocto, NB

Canada Day makes my heart glow for several reasons.
1. It brings the family together.
2. We experience fellowship with great food.
3. It gives me a chance to go all out with the Canadian theme (flags, candles, dishes, food and drink, windchimes, blankets, tablecloth, flowers, cake, recipe that I got from the Canadian Living magazine, banners, decorations, lights, and games (all about Canada of course).
4. The children learn more about Canada while playing the games.
5. It give me a chance to set an example to my children/grandchildren and friends that even though Canada is not without its difficulties it still is the best country in the world in which to bring up children and to welcome others from other lands.
I t'aime beaucoup CANADA!!! I really do love my CANADA!!!!
-Judith Knox, Coalhurst, AB

I'm French-Canadian/Indian by descent - about as close to an original as you can get! I've travelled the world; and no other country compares. It truly is my home and native land!
-Yvonne Tutt, Cambridge, ON

It's a reminder of how special we are! When I was younger, I always envied others of other cultural and ethnic origins because I was embarassed to be just Canadian. Now I realize how amazing it is and celebrate it with pride!"
-Suzi Hushen, Palmerston, ON

I love Canada Day at our local park. The midway, the sounds of the kids having fun, the smell of the BBQ and the popcorn and the candy floss it's a day I look forward to all year. It just wouldn't be summer without it. Oh, I almost forgot the thrill of cuddling under a blanket with the kids while we watch the, fun, fun!!!
-Lisa Baker, Toronto

Canadians are just self-deprecating enough to be funny, but confident enough to handle it.
-Tiesha Schmuland, Stony Plain, AB

My fiancee - soon to be husband (we're getting married on June 13th) - took me to Ontario Place for the "Symphony of Fire" fireworks show, and under the blazing sparkles of the night sky, said the sweetest words to me that I have ever heard about how he feels about me... and then he proposed!!
-Heather Peacock, Brampton, ON

Canada Day makes my heart glow because we, in Canada, seem to be able to burst with pride without screaming to the world in general, that our country is the best. I see it in the classrooms that I visit almost daily. I substitute teach and the little things, the Anthem in the mornings, the CD's of Canadian songs and the pride in little voices as they talk about being Canadian, does the heart good.
-Vale Clark, Sutton, ON

When I came to Canada from Europe as a four-year-old, I had no idea what future my parents had chosen. My parents had little education and no future in their own country, but made a life for themselves,bought their own house, and raised our family. I was able to start school and continue right through to post-graduate university degrees. I could have gone to the U.S. to get my Ph.D, but Canada was my country. I remained here, married a Canadian, moved to another province, and raised my son here. Now we have our own beautiful home with a view of two provinces from our dining room window. And our future is secure. Thank you Canada!
-Hilda Katan, Campbellton, NB

My daughter and her family live in Ottawa and we visit often. Somehow I feel Canadian pride is more palpable in that historic city than anywhere else in Canada. On a July 1st visit, we walked from my daughter's home along the Rideau to the Hill. Boats were decked to the hilt in red and white, as were the happy boaters. In fact everyone from young to old were wearing red and white. The music and the bands and the patriotic vibes were exciting. Every Canadian should visit Parliament Hill on Canada Day at least once.
-Margaret Orlowski, Brampton, ON

Canada Day makes my heart glow because I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to grow up in a country where it is not only safe, but prosperous. Now if we could only do something about the weather.
-Steven Miscione, Dundas, ON

I have been bursting with pride for my country, Canada, because of the respect it receives from the rest of the world, and because of the care we give to citizens of countries who are not as fortunate as we are.
-Karin Buchanan, Westbridge, BC

Living accross the river from Detroit, Michigan makes me appreciate that I am Canadian and that the people here in our country are the friendliest and kindest you can meet bar none.
-Jean Squires, Windsor, ON

It is my home. Being Canadian is to be greatly appreciated. We live in a relatively new country that embodies so many qualities that make me proud to be a citizen. We live in an increasingly multicultural, tolerant, dynamic and peaceful society. Canada is a relative teenager,filled with potential for growth, learning, compassion and exuberance.
-Delores Burton, Antigonish, NS

Travelling in Europe in 1969 , I entered a war museum. There before me were pictures that shocked me to my core. Canadians-hundreds of them-dead-heaped one upon another as if they were animals with no dignity or respect.. The sight has never left my memory. These people saved our freedom so today all Canadians can openly share their thoughts and feelings without fear. Each Canada Day brings more pride and honour to our country and to those people who fought on our behalf. My heart glows with pride..and I realize each year those heros saved us from living in a state of fear and injustice.
-Connie Dellmarque-Smith, Terrace, BC

Canada Day has always been one of my most romantic days of the year. Sitting out in a warm, or even rainy, evening watching fireworks with my special someone has always been enjoyable. I love staring into the sky looking at the colourful display and holding hands. No matter what the weather, I feel warm inside.
-Linda Chow, Edmonton, AB

The reason Canada Day is always so special to me is it reminds me I get to go home and spend it with friends and loved ones. I am from Kenora which is situated on beautiful Lake of the Woods. Every Canada day we head out for a day on the lake of boating, barbecuing and laughs. When night falls we all head in to the harbour front and anchor in the bay. There are hundreds of boats it's quite beautiful with all the lights. Then we watch the fireworks. It's very peaceful floating there and seeing the exciting display. When it's over we cruise home. It's a wonderful way to spend Canada Day.
-Shannon Lucas, Thunder Bay, ON

As a child of two immigrants to Canada I feel we owe a lot to this country. What we don't realize as Canadians is how often we take this country for granted. When I compare our country to many of my clients home countries (I work with new refugees) I feel very lucky to have been born and raised in Canada!
Monika Haigh, Burlington, ON

I enjoy the block party my sister and her nieghbours have. She invites family, friends and business clients. Every one brings food and their sense of humour. A good time is had by all.
-Joyce Walsh, Richmond, BC

It gives me a sense of pride to know that I belong to a country that stands out in the world. We are a nation of many cultures, standing, and working together to make Canada a unique nation in the eyes of the rest of the world. This alone makes me proud. That this great country of our's is blessed with so much, and yet we are able to help other's in many ways. VIVA CANADA!!!
-Piero Giorno, Toronto

By enjoying our cultural icons: the flag, and beer.
-Joyce Davies, Strathroy, ON

We are so fortunate to live in a part of the world where there is no war...we have the right to vote, earn a living, get healthcare and make our own decisions about our lives.
-Bonnie Humphrey, North Bay, ON

I was raised in the air-force and traveled many places, however, Canada remains in my heart, and when I travel I perfer to travel Canada. It is home to me. I get so excited when I know I am traveling somewhere in Canada, it will be beautiful, there is so much to see.
-Louise Kaszuba, Calgary


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True north strong and free