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Fun summer ideas for the whole family

Fun summer ideas for the whole family

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Fun summer ideas for the whole family

For a nation that’s known for snow, igloos and ice-skating, Canada gets its fair share of heat during the sizzling summers. And with summer vacation underway for kids, there’s a wide range of things that you and your family can do.  
Whether you decide to go on a camping adventure or travel to an exotic destination, we have tips to make your trip all the more worthwhile.

If you’d rather stay at home, then we have a wide variety of activities you can do and summer-friendly recipes you can try out. 
Regardless of whether you’re close to home or far, remember that safety comes first. Find out how you can stay safe this summer by avoiding heat strokes, bug bites, dehydration and more.

Summer fun for the kids
60+ kids' activities to make the most of the summer months.
Get out and enjoy the sunshine with two great activities that will get your family moving. 
Trying to stick to a budget this summer? Check out some great fun and free things to do for a great time.

First aid and safety
Print and save our handy summer first aid guide.
Bug spray, insect repellant or citronella candles? Find out how to tame mosquitos, avoid fly bites and protect your skin. 
How to keep yourself and your children safe when you go swimming.

Camping essentials
Tips on organizing your camping food kit and cooking delicious meals, PLUS keeping dangerous animals away from your food.
Check out these camping tips to make your outdoor adventure a blast.
Sending your kids to camp this summer? Find out what to pack and how to ease their fears.
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Family travel
This is the first round-up of special holiday packages and travel discounts for holidayers in Canada this summer (and early fall).
Planning on getting away this summer? Find out how to travel and have fun without spending all your money.
Great Canadian vacation ideas for cottaging families, cash-conscious golfers, plus camping dos and don'ts.
It's fun to splurge while travelling -- until the credit card bill shows up after you return. Follow these tips to stay on budget and save money while still having a blast.

Summer fashion
Make a splash this summer by wearing some of the season's hottest fashion and beauty trends. Here's a great selection of tips that'll make finding the perfect swimwear, hair care and makeup products a breeze.
Pinup swimwear is making a comeback with high-waisted bottoms and retro pints. Check out five cool, vintage-inspired styles to wear to the beach this summer.
Not sure what to wear this summer? From chic nude dresses to skinny belts, check out our expert tips for wearing this season's hottest fashion trends.

Frozen treats
These colourful pops are not only beautiful to look at, but they are also packed with healthy, in-season fruit. Mix and match fruits to suit your taste. 
Kulfi, also known as Indian ice cream, is sold in India by street vendors as ice pops, or scooped into bowls when served in restaurants. What better way to finish a spicy meal than with a cold, creamy treat studded with pistachios?
With ice cream desserts in the freezer, the lazy, hazy days of summer take on a relaxing new meaning.

Fantastic summer food
Here's a round-up of our 10 best burger recipes. From beef to elk to chicken to vegetarian, you'll find a delicious, Tested Till Perfect burger recipe to suit every palate at you next barbecue. 
Try one of our appetizing picnic salads that will take your summer feast to the next level.
You'll have everyone asking for more of these sticky, finger-licking-good ribs.

Refreshing drinks
This refreshing nonalcoholic citrus drink will be a backyard barbecue favourite for adults and kids on those hot summer days. 
Fruity and smooth, this drink makes a pretty-in-pink glass. You could also use white or amber rum instead. For a delicious nonalcoholic Strawberry Punch, replace the rum with water.
Rye and blueberries add a Canadian twist to this traditional Cuban cocktail. Garnish each glass with skewered blueberries and mint sprig.
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Fun summer ideas for the whole family