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Funny websites and blogs we love

Funny websites and blogs we love

Author: Canadian Living

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Funny websites and blogs we love

Running a magazine is serious business. And here at Canadian Living, we take our jobs very seriously. But all work and no play makes for a dull group indeed. So to balance our serious magazine work all day long, many of us enjoy a chuckle or two (strictly over lunch, of course!) with our favourite funny websites and blogs. Here’s what the some of the editors of Canadian Living, and the web editors of Homemakers and ELLE Canada, chose as their fave funny sites.

" — I love political satire and this site delivers 10 times over. But beware, it's not for the easily offended."
-- Miriam Osborne, senior copy editor, Canadian Living

"Mine is — it's officially a knitting blog, and the knitting is spectacular, but you'll laugh out loud at the author's rants on everything from parenting teenage girls (she has three of them!) to the perils of not backing up your laptop."
-- Kat Tancock, web assistant editor, Canadian Living

" — I used to love watching David Letterman's late night, but I'm old now so I have to go to bed early! At least now I can click on Last Night's Top 10 list for a quick chuckle..."
-- Donna Paris, senior editor, Canadian Living

" — The "fug" in question is actually for "fugly," which means...well, just go to the site to see for yourself (it's safe for work). I love seeing celebs' freakishly garish outfits being ripped apart by these two wicked bloggers, who love making tart-tongued comments on ridiculous trends. I read it every day! It's perfect when you're having a bad-outfit day. Things could always be worse, and in Hollywood, apparently, they often are."
-- Helen Racanelli, web editor, Canadian Living

"I'm afraid I'm not much of a funny website person! But I do enjoy every so often."
-- Lara Ceroni, web editor,

" is my favourite. It's ridiculously funny (yet somewhat inappropriate at times)."
-- Sarah Snowdon, researcher, Canadian Living

" — I log in to my online banking account, check my balance and roll on the floor laughing upon seeing the hilarious balance. The right column is a real knee-slapper."
-- Doug O'Neill, executive editor, Canadian Living

"My favourite funny website is for its "Neurotically Yours" toons, featuring Foamy the squirrel. Nothing makes me laugh like a good rant from the foul-mouthed, irritable rodent who has a knack for exposing shortcomings in today's society. His commentary on complicated coffee orders, annoying cellphone ring tones, low-carb diets and more is often crude, but it inevitably makes me crack up with laughter. Be warned: There's plenty of cursing in these segments and it seems like no topic is off limits here."
-- Jennifer Melo, web editor, Homemakers

"Seinfeld Quotes are pretty good for laughs. Also, I enjoy Grist. It's a Seattle-based site that covers news about green issues and sustainable living without being sanctimonious, or as they put it: 'Grist - it's gloom and doom with a sense of humor.' So laugh now — or the planet gets it."
-- Sarah Jane Silva, copy editor, Canadian Living

"What cracks me up on my lunch hour? I'm not even a cat person, but this blog never fails to make me giggle. Surreptitious images of cats doing catty things paired with grossly misspelled, grammatically incorrect cutlines, like 'I Duz Yoga Ta Relax.' Oh, my."
-- Colleen Tully, web assistant editor, Canadian Living

What's your favourite funny website or blog? Share it with us and other readers in the Comments section below.

Colleen Tully is web assistant editor at


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Funny websites and blogs we love