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Airport Madness: 10 Survival Tips

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Airport Madness: 10 Survival Tips

Heading to the airport during this holiday season? Read this! It's estimated that some Canadian airports, such as Toronto's Pearson International (YYZ), will welcome more than 100,000 travellers through its doors–on a single day–in the lead-up to Christmas. That's a lot of people. That's a lot of potential stress. Our friends at Pearson share these 10 simple steps to minimize stress and make your airport experience just a little more festive.

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    • Check in online from the comfort of your home before you leave for the airport.
    • Ensure all travel documents and tickets are in hand before you reach your counter or kiosk.
    • Be aware of weight and size restrictions for checked baggage and ensure that all checked and carry-on luggage has your name and address on it prior to arriving at the airport.
    • Before leaving home, verify that your baggage does not contain any restricted items. For a complete up-to-date list of restricted items please visit
    • Flag with your airline if you have oversized items to stow, such as strollers and car seats.
    • Talk to your kids about the airport experience before you leave home, to ensure they are prepared for the experience and know what to do if you become separated.
    • Take advantage of our Guest Service Representatives. Located throughout the terminals, these airport staff members are happy to help you with any assistance you may need while at the airport.
    • Keep an eye out for our family washrooms which are designed with to keep your family together while protecting your personal space.
    • Check [or the web site of your departure airport wherever it may be] for any special events happening at the airport the day of your trip, and plan to stop by to enjoy the festivities.
    • Give yourself lots of time to enjoy your airport experience. (Compliments of Pearson International Airport)
What's your secret to stress-free holiday travel?


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Airport Madness: 10 Survival Tips