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Books with No Bounds

By Leslie Emmons

Do you ever wish you could make a difference in our world? Do you ask yourself, How? Where to start? What can I do?

Well, two sisters fro Oakville, Ont., did just that, and now they have taken their love of reading to the most northern community of Ontario – the Nishnawbe Aski Nation (NAN). Fifteen-year-old Julia Mogus and her 14-year-old sister Emma are the creators of Books with No Bounds, a charitable organization that has sent 12,5000 books to the aboriginal youth living in NAN’s 49 communities.

[caption id="attachment_15564" align="aligncenter" width="292"] Emma and Julia. Two sisters. Who love books. And want to make a difference in the world. :)[/caption]

In addition to their love of reading, the sisters say they were inspired to create Books with No Bounds in 2011, after reading an eye-opening report.

“We read a 20-year study from the University of Nevada, which revealed that books in a home increased the level of education in a child, regardless of where you live, rich or poor,” Julia says.

The girls collect donations through Panago Pizza and Hopedale Mall – both official book drop-off points and First Book Canada donates new books monthly.

The books are shipped to elementary and high schools in NAN, courtesy of Wasaya Airways, who have given the girls a 90 percent discount on shipping fees.

“Public donations go 100 percent toward that extra 10 percent that we have to pay, which is extremely expensive because it is $2.50 to send a pound up there and books are pretty heavy,” Emily says.

In May, the girls will be travelling to the Fort Severn community with the help of Porter to meed with the children who have benefitted from their books. For more info or to make a donation, visit

How about you? Do you know any local heroes?


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Local Heroes