10 Father's Day gift ideas for foodie dads

10 Father's Day gift ideas for foodie dads

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10 Father's Day gift ideas for foodie dads

Ties and socks make perfectly fine, classic Father's Day gifts, but this time of year, we're thinking sandals and T-shirts and relaxed living. Boost Dad's summertime eating and drinking style with these amazing Father's Day gift ideas.

1. Breville juicer

Summer is the perfect time to start juicing, especially with fresh local produce popping up everywhere (maybe even in your own garden). Breville's Juice Fountain is the perfect model to get Dad going.

The one-litre juice jug means you can easily prepare large quantities at once (we recommend storing excess juice in an airtight glass container such as a Mason jar), and the juicer is easy to clean. Best of all: The three-inch-wide feed tube means fast food prep so you get your juice sooner.
Available at:
Sears, $349

2. Beer tasting tool kit

Everyone needs an excuse to spend a sunny afternoon drinking beer with friends, and this tasting kit will get the ball rolling. The booklet gives details on beer varieties' background, flavour profiles and history, and the included paper covers and twine can be slipped on bottles for blind tasting. Notepads, a reference card and a cheat sheet help keep things (somewhat) focused.
Available at: Drake General Store, $30

3. Tortilla press

Soft tacos make for easy, on-trend summer eating, and what really makes them delicious is fresh corn tortillas … and detail-oriented dads will love to make their own from scratch. This cast-iron tortilla press is tough and durable and will make quick work of a batch of dough. Package the gift with corn flour or your favourite gourmet salsa.
Available at: Bed Bath & Beyond, $27

4. Riedel white wine glasses

Wine aficionados will tell you that the shape and quality of a wine glass makes a difference in the flavour, and Austrian company Riedel is a big name when it comes to high-end glassware. If, like many of us, Dad's still sipping his summer whites from low-end models, give him an upgrade with this entry level set. And if you're feeling flush, there are certainly higher-end options (think: mouth-blown glass designed for specific varietals) that he'll appreciate, too.
Available at:, $25 for a set of two

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5. Insulated cocktail shaker

All those tasty chilled drinks have to come from somewhere, and this double-walled, dishwasher-safe cocktail shaker, made from polished stainless steel, minimizes condensation and melting while looking stylish enough for Mr. Bond himself.

Package it up with a bottle of quality gin (we like Canadian-made Victoria Gin) for a gift that starts giving right away. Bonus: For an extra fee, add a personalized monogram to make this gift really special for Dad.
Available at:
Williams-Sonoma, $60

6. Barbecue season spice set

Calgary's own spice experts have about everything you need in the kitchen and for gift giving, including a selection of themed gift sets.

For meat-loving dads, you can't go wrong with this pack of four grill-friendly spice blends: St-Laurent Steak Spice, Sharples Ranch Smoky Barbeque Rub, Driftwood Texas Bar-B-Que Rub and Barbeque Belt Chicken and Rib Rub. Trust us: You'll be inviting yourself over for dinner.
Available at: The Silk Road Spice Merchant, $30

7. Vacuum coffee brewer
Coffee is becoming a serious business, but not everyone's a fan of espresso. Vacuum brewers, also known as coffee siphons, were popular in the mid 20th century but lost ground to the convenience of automated drip machines, though they're said to make the best filter coffee possible -- and are fun to watch, too. Add some extra cloth filters to your order so Dad doesn't run out too fast.
Available at: Green Beanery, $99

8. Lucky Peach magazine

Chef David Chang of NYC's Momofuku fame (he'll be opening a Toronto outpost this summer) has, along with his partners, taken the magazine industry by storm with this cheeky, nonconformist and slightly obsessive read on the world of food. The spring 2012 issue's highlights included a tour of street vendors in Chiang Mai, a Food Network memoir by Mario Batali and a history of the molten chocolate cake, plus a series of recipes for pineapple upside-down cake. Future issues promise to be just as diverse.
Available at: McSweeney's, $47 for four issues

9. Jumbo steak knives

If Dad's a steak lover, we hope he's eating his perfectly cooked meat with a decent set of cutlery. If not, here's your chance to contribute to his culinary bliss. These Tramontina knives, seen in many restaurants, feature ergonomic wood handles and five-inch stainless-steel micro-serrated blades, and come with a five-year warranty to boot. Plus, the set of six comes ready in a gift box.
Available at: City Chef, $50

10. People's Pops recipe book

So many things are artisanal and batch-crafted these days, which is mostly a good thing, and ice-lollies are no exception. Bring New York's favourite gourmet pops home with this collection of 65 picks from Brooklyn-based company People's Pops, using the best of fresh, seasonal produce -- think Raspberries & Basil or Cantaloupe & Tarragon -- including chapters on shaved ice and grown-up (read: alcoholic) flavours like Peach & Bourbon.
Available at: Random House, $20,

There you have it: 10 Father's Day gift ideas we think Dad is sure to love!

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10 Father's Day gift ideas for foodie dads