10 signs you have an awesome relationship with your father

10 signs you have an awesome relationship with your father

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10 signs you have an awesome relationship with your father

Because there's nothing like a father-daughter tag team.

Whether your fave fictional dad is George Banks in Father of the Bride, Danny Tanner in Full House or Maurice in Beauty and the Beast, nothing beats a sweet, slightly bumbling father figure—except perhaps the real world pops that stick by their daughters through the good, the bad and the moody. Though every father-daughter relationship is different, here are a few signs that your bond with your father is the stuff of which reel magic is made.

1. You make each other laugh.
Laughter is the best medicine, and it's a huge part of your interactions—even on those less-than-perfect days…like that time you parked too close to a pole and knocked the side mirror clear off his new SUV, or when he drunk dialed you at 2 am the night before your wedding to wish you good luck. Thank heck you both have a sense of humour.

2. You can agree to disagree.
Maybe you don't see eye to eye when it comes to music (he likes oldies; your guilty pleasure is explicit rap), romantic partners (he hated your first three boyfriends) or politics (let's just say family dinners get heated around election time), but you respect each other enough to have friendly arguments—or even mercilessly tease one another—without your differences impacting your friendship. 

3. You still want Dad's advice…sometimes.
He may not know the difference between stilettos and wedges, but you want to know WWDD (What Would Dad Do) when it comes to really big life decisions.

4. You truly appreciate everything you do for each other.
You're family, but that doesn't mean you owe each other anything. He's not required to drive you to the airport for early flights or attend your kids' soccer games—but he does certain things because he cares. And you're not obligated to take in his dry-cleaning or bake his favourite treats but you try to make his days a little easier and brighter. You both recognize that all fathers and daughters aren't lucky enough to be so close, so you put the effort in whenever you can. 

5. You communicate, but don't have to talk every day to show you care.
You stay in touch, but sometimes life gets busy and phone calls or visits take a hit in frequency. That's okay. You're both secure in your love for each other and don't need to pre-schedule phone chats in order to feel connected. 

6. Guilt has no place in your relationship.
Nobody's perfect and you've both said and done things you regret—like that time at 15 when you told him you wished he was dead and he called you a selfish brat. (What was that fight about again?) Nevertheless, you don't let these lapses in judgment hang over your present interactions or try to make each other feel bad about past mistakes. 

7. He always has your back. 
He'll be there when you need him and vice versa—no questions asked. 

8. You've found something you love to do together.
Maybe your musical tastes don't jive but you've found something else that you both enjoy—whether an activity such as bowling, a TV show like House Hunters or a mutual love for Chinese takeout—and you try to share that special something whenever you can.

9. You have boundaries.
You're an adult and you've developed an adult relationship with your father, which means you don't ask him to clean up your messes. In the same vein, he knows that he doesn't get to voice his opinion on every aspect of your life.

10. He's still the #1 man in your life. 
Dad was the first man to make you breakfast, comfort you after a bad day and tuck you in at night. He taught you what unconditional love looks like and no one can ever take his place.



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10 signs you have an awesome relationship with your father