10 ways to thank the women in your life

10 ways to thank the women in your life

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10 ways to thank the women in your life

It's true, our moms are pretty important people in our lives. They're the ones who are with us through the good times and the bad, who love us unconditionally. But lots of other women affect our lives, too. So here's a tribute to all the women who fulfill a bit of a mom role in our lives and how to thank them.
A teacher

Did you ever have a teacher that believed in you? That recognized potential you didn't even know you had? I know teachers who've shared their lunches, surrendered breaks and stayed after school to help kids that needed it.

Token of appreciation:
Look them up and if you find them, write them a letter and tell them what a difference they made in your life.
An aunt
She's the one who loves you like your mom, but she's more fun. She's the one you can confide in. She'll keep your secrets, she always has time for you, and smiles when you walk into the room. She'll lend you money, clothes and jewelry. And she never gets mad at you.

Token of appreciation:
A bouquet of fresh flowers is the only way to go for someone this lovely in your life.
A co-worker
Is there anyone who has your back at work? Perhaps it's someone who took the time to be kind and help you out when you first started your job, encouraging you and teaching you how to do the work. It could be a formal or informal mentor, able to give guidance whenever you have an issue.

Token of appreciation: Homemade cookies or cupcakes (it shows that you took the time to do something for her).

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A sister
You love her, you hate her. You have fights but you always make up. There's a bond that's practically impossible to break because you've known each other all your lives. It's a special relationship. She always takes your call and texts you back ASAP. Besides, who else is going to tell you the truth about how your butt looks in those jeans instead of telling you what you want to hear?

Token of appreciation: A cup of green tea or a glass of red wine, whatever she's into.

A best friend
You tell her stuff you're proud of and stuff you're a little ashamed about, too. When somebody does you wrong, you know who to call. She listens to your rants, she makes you laugh and she shares stuff with you that she won't with anyone else. You trust her with your life. In fact, you'd take a bullet for this girl.

Token of appreciation: Matching mani/pedis for both of you.

Your mother-in-law
No, she'll never be your mom. But if you're married, she knows you love her son. And this is a relationship you should cherish, especially if you have children. My mother-in-law (I call her an outlaw, now, since I'm divorced) has become one of my best friends, offering support whenever I need it, whether it's a home-cooked meal or just a shoulder to lean on.

Token of appreciation: Something like a nice hand lotion, moisturizer or perfume that she likes.

A cousin
She knows the dynamics of extended family, so she can help you out when there's an issue. She's always fun at family functions because she can laugh at peccadilloes of all the same people you're related to. And she can be a tremendous support in a family emergency.

Token of appreciation: A set of note cards, to let her know you'd like to stay in touch in between weddings and funerals.

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A waitress
Maybe she works in your favourite go-to restaurant. She knows how nice it is to have a little time to enjoy breaking bread with people you like, and she goes out of her way to make it an enjoyable experience for you.

Token of appreciation: A coffee card. Every waitress needs a break away from work.

Your hair stylist
She always makes you look good. She knows how important it is to have a good hairstyle that you can manage on a daily basis. You instantly feel better after she does your hair. And she's so nice to talk to. It's a pampering, relaxing experience every time.

Token of appreciation:
Go crazy with the tip.

A most unlikely candidate
I work with lots of women, and many of our Canadian Living readers are women, and I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by so many lovely people. So whether it's your dental hygienist that you swap books with, the barista who knows how to whip up a latte or the parking attendant who compliments you, enjoy the moment.

Token of appreciation: Be nice to them and flash them a heartfelt smile every time you see them. For the dental hygienist, wait till after she cleans your teeth!

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10 ways to thank the women in your life