5 secrets to building the best mom cave

5 secrets to building the best mom cave

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5 secrets to building the best mom cave

A space to call your own
You may have heard the term around, but what exactly is a mom cave? It's that space we reserve for ourselves and use as a calming centre. We asked a few moms what they consider as their mom cave. For Sandra, it's her kitchen; for Lynn it's her office; and for most of the moms asked, it's their bathroom because it's the only room in the house with a lock on it.

"We're very familiar with the man cave - the big screen TV, pool table, beer fridge, office area, etc. But moms - particularly stay at home moms - have traditionally thought of the kitchen as their space. Problem is, mom's space is a working hub where there never is a moment's rest," says celebrity designer and CityLine guest expert Kimberley Seldon.

In a time where women are struggling on a daily basis to achieve balance between work and family, the prospect of burning out is very real. Moms have a tendency to take care of everyone else before they even think of themselves – a main reason why the Mom Cave is becoming so important.

Kimberley confirms the growth of this trend: "Now, we're seeing more women ask for dedicated home offices, project rooms and exercise rooms for yoga or weights. It has to be a place where she can recharge her battery, because no one's happy when mom is depleted."

Top tips for a good mom cave
The goal is to have a place where you can have a few minutes of "me time" in peace and quiet.

• Keep calming colours in mind. Numerous studies have shown that blue is the most calming colour, while shades of green are said to be the most relaxing. It helps to keep your space monochromatic to maintain an even flow.

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More tips on building a good mom cave:

• Surround yourself with things that make you smile. Think pictures, music, books or trinkets from a special trip. When you're stressed out, these are the things which help bring you back to centre.

• It may sound Pavlovian, but combining your space with a calming task, like crafting or painting, can make your de-stressing that much more potent. 

• It doesn't have to be big. Carol, one of the mothers interviewed, uses the end of her dining room table pushed against a window as her private nook. There she has her laptop, books and music, and she can work on her projects while watching the pace of the world go by.

• It doesn't have to be at home. It could be a chair in your favourite coffee shop, a café table, park bench or special piece of driftwood on the beach.

For Jen, it's a special playlist she uses to meditate with. For Chris, it's the racquetball court. For Kimberley Seldon, it is her bathroom. "That's a spot where I can really unwind. I have my music playing on my iPod, a small TV over the bathtub, a selection of Jo Malone bath oils and a stack of crisp white towels at the ready," she says.

Sounds like heaven.

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5 secrets to building the best mom cave