7 activities to keep kids busy during the holidays

7 activities to keep kids busy during the holidays

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7 activities to keep kids busy during the holidays

Is the whole family on holiday between Christmas and New Year's Day? Make sure to plan a few activities to keep the kids busy and entertained!

Whether it's activities at home or inexpensive outings, the important thing is to spend some quality time with your little ones.

Here are 7 ways to keep your kids busy during the winter break.

1. Visit an exhibit at a science museum


Young and old alike can have fun and enjoy an unforgettable experience at this perfect destination for curious minds! An ideal activity for colder winter days.

2. Go camping in your living room


Remember how much you loved making a blanket fort in the living room as a child? Why not relive the experience with your kids over the holidays? Whether it's a real tent or a DIY one, just add some pillows and throws and spend the evening watching movies and eating popcorn.

3. Go to your local ceramic cafe


If you have budding artists at home, take them to your local ceramic cafe and have them decorate a mug or picture frame. Go the extra mile and ask to visit the room where the items are glazed and then baked in an oven at around 2000°F. It's free and your kids will be impressed!

4. Bake cookies to make gift boxes


Put on your apron and roll up your sleeves! Organize a day of baking your favourite cookies with your kids. You can add a crafting session by making gourmet gift bags or boxes to hand out to friends, family or even neighbours. 

5. Ice skating at the park


If the weather holds up, why not take the kids skating in the park? Then round off the evening with a stop at the local café for a hot chocolate. If the ice isn't ideal for outdoor skating, consider checking out your local arena, which may offer free skating!

6. Organize olympics


If your children need to get moving, a day of Olympics might just be the thing that motivates them. You can think of activities that can be done indoors or outdoors, in teams or individually. You can also organize prizes for winners and participants.

7. Visit the mesmerizing Illumi village


It's the perfect place for a magical family experience. If you are in the Montreal or Toronto area, visiting the world's largest multimedia sound and light event will be a memorable experience for everyone.




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7 activities to keep kids busy during the holidays