Child care: How to find the best care for your kids

Child care: How to find the best care for your kids

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Child care: How to find the best care for your kids

Whether you're looking for full-time day care or just the occasional help of a babysitter, there are certain child care basics and standards that all moms should look for.

Child care professionals and moms in-the-know share their tips for hiring and keeping a great babysitter for your kids in the photo gallery below. You'll learn where to look for a responsible teen babysitter, how much is a fair wage and how to discuss your expectations with your sitter.

If you're looking for a professional day care facility for your kids, our second article is a must-read. In it, Dr. Diane Sacks oulines basic rules that should be adhered to by both childcare pros and parents alike. You'll also discover what oft-overlooked dirty habit should be a red flag when looking at day care centres.

If you're able to stay at home with your wee ones, or are planning to hire a live-in nanny, you'll find the articles about the benefits of pretend play for kids, plus how to childproof your home valuable reads.

Photo gallery: How to find the right child care for your kids

The best advice to picking and prepping the best babysitter or child care professional.

When it comes to finding a babysitter, Patricia Bulley admits she's a bit of a stalker mom. "I'm always scouting girls out, watching to see how mature they are," she says, laughing. Patricia, who has two daughters, Abby, 6, and Ella, 3, works shift work, so having a roster of reliable sitters on hand is essential. But as so many parents quickly discover, they aren't always easy to find – or keep.

How to find the right child care

Things to think about when weighing your child care options.

Diapers. Toilet training. Daycare. It all happens so fast. If you're a working parent, sooner or later, you'll need a good daycare.But how do you know where to look or even what to look for? Dr. Diane Sacks, president of the Canadian Paediatric Society offers this advice to help guide you through your daycare dilemma.

The positive effect of pretend play

The usefulness of a toddler's imaginary playtime

In pretend play, your toddler may begin to use one object to represent another. She might drink from a seashell, for example, or pretend a box is a stove to cook on. This symbolization is an important milestone in her emotional and cognitive development.

Childproof your home

Protect your busy toddler by making your home toddler friendly.

As your toddler expands his skills and his horizons, protecting him from danger is a major part of your parenting job. Most parents set aside some time to childproof their home all at once. Although childproofing will make your job easier, it won't eliminate the need for supervision.

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Child care: How to find the best care for your kids