Feeling like you're struggling to help your kids with math homework? Follow these 4 simple steps

2 + 2 = 4 tips to make math homework easier


Feeling like you're struggling to help your kids with math homework? Follow these 4 simple steps

Homework, mathematics, algebra, do any of these words bring out high school flashbacks and a strong feeling in you? You are not alone, and we all know how difficult it is to act as an expert for your child when helping them solve dreadful math problems.

Thankfully, a dad had the brilliant idea to help all parents and children with their math homework by creating an app called Photomath. An engineer by trade, Damir Sabol often found it challenging to explain math concepts in simple enough terms for his children to understand. That is when he got the idea for Photomath to help people understand math, one step at a time. The app works with you to learn at your own pace and uniquely solves problems with step-by-step visual aids explaining how to find the correct answer.

It all sounds too good to be true, but it is real! Here are some tips and tricks we wish we knew earlier to help make math homework easier:


1. Download Photomath

A no-brainer, the first step to help you and your child out is to download the math learning app Photomath for free in the Apple App store or Google Play Store. It's available in over 30+ languages, has over 220 million downloads, and solves nearly two billion math problems per month!

Photomath is very easy to use. First, use your phone or tablet camera to scan the problem, then, choose the best approach to solving the problem, and finally, get a step-by-step explanation of the answer. That is all, a complex math problem solved right in front of your eyes!


2. Ask your child to speak out their thought process



Now that you have the knowledge provided by Photomath, with the equation steps and answer, you can feel more secure and comfortable helping your child get to the correct answer. It is a good idea to have them write down their thought process while also saying it out loud—if you notice one of the first steps is already wrong, you can correct them in real-time and get back on the right track. See this as a discussion, challenge them on their thought process and guide them with confidence.

With Photomath, you even have the option to create custom visual aids for visual learners when you upgrade to Photomath Plus. There is no limit to learning and Photomath accepts different methods of teaching and applies it to the app for all types of learners! 


3. Encourage them to practice

Now that math has become more fun and interactive thanks to Photomath, feel free to let your child play with the app after completing their homework. There are always problems that need to be solved, or maybe they want to review an equation that they didn’t quite fully understand. Naturally, the more time your child spends practicing and studying, the more confident they will become in their abilities.

With Photomath, so much is available at their fingertips, relieving your child of any stress, frustration and anxiety that comes with learning math. Who knows, this might be what gets your child motivated to do their math homework!


4. Allocate time for snacks and movement breaks


Finally, keep in mind that focus and concentration uses a lot of energy. Make sure to have some healthy snacks ready to help fuel the brain and continue solving math problems. Whether they are currently attending a traditional form of schooling, e-learning, or homeschooling, math classes are always very demanding. Now add homework to this equation! Therefore, it is of critical importance to keep the stomach happy and the brain well fed. Movement is also encouraged as it gets the body moving and can be a welcomed break from sitting down all day. Jumping jacks, push-ups, crab walk, make it fun and intense!

Download Photomath now and become the math expert that your child can rely on!


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Feeling like you're struggling to help your kids with math homework? Follow these 4 simple steps