How to treat diaper rash

How to treat diaper rash

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How to treat diaper rash

Who better to ask for diaper rash tips than our own community of moms with babies? These moms swear by everything from specific diapers to particular diaper rash creams.

How to treat and prevent diaper rash:

1. Let your baby go commando
"Let him air out with no diaper for a few minutes several times a day." -- Jennifer Kokuryo

"Bare bum! (As much as possible!)" -- Alicia Goodings

2. Consider cloth diapers
"We have used cloth diapers since our son was about 2 months old. He is now 2, and I can count on one hand the number of rashes he had. Thank you, Comfy Cotton!" -- Shannon Evink

3. Try disposable diapers
In other words: experiment to see what's best for your baby.

"Get good quality [disposable] diapers, and change them frequently!" -- Krisztina Fekete

4. Treat a sore bum with diaper-rash cream (and make sure it stays put)
Penaten Creamy Diaper Rash Treatment, Ihle's Paste, Zincofax, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Burt's Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment, Sudocrem and Shopper Drug Mart Life Brand, all earned kudos from our readers.

"When we apply cream, we slather Vaseline on top. That way, the Penaten (or Ihle's Paste or whatever) stays on the bum and only the Vaseline wipes off in the diaper." -- Tamara Kolber

5. Or try an organic product to treat diaper rash
"One of my sons was prone to them even with using cloth, we did bare bum time as much as possible and used Bare Organics Baby Balm when he was sore." -- Heather Dunlop

"Aloe vera pulp from the plant works like magic! I always have the plant in a pot, in a well-lit spot. It works for everything, sunburn, rash, any skin problem. Trust me and try it!" -- Maya Kaur

6. Dab it with Mother Nature's "liquid gold."
"Breast milk! Honest. It works." -- Jodi Mazic

Or try a different kind of milk: "Milk of magnesia can also be applied (just dab on a cotton ball). I think it takes away the acidity and dries things out." -- Sarah Gardner

7. Find out if the rash has a dietary culprit
"When we introduced our daughter to solids, we found an allergy because of a wicked bum rash that blistered. We had to see a doctor." -- Karri Sonke

"No orange juice and [stick to] diluted apple and fruit juice!" -- Cathy Shelton

8. Find a routine that works for you
"For bad rashes, my go-to, surefire solution was: water-only (or rinsed) wipes, lots of air time and blowing on the bum to fully dry it, then Sudocreme, and cornstarch-based powder in the diaper. The cornstarch absorbs any extra moisture, and used carefully so as to avoid aspiration, it works wonderfully." -- Sarah Gardner

9. Bathe in baking soda
"When the rash was really bad, I would soak them in baking soda baths twice a day and then lots of air time." -- Cindy Biggs

10. Try the burnt flour folk remedy
"Burnt flour!! Worked like a charm each time!" -- Jennie Colburn

Brown a couple handfuls of flour in a dry, grease-free, fry pan, then transfer it to a bowl to cool. When completely cool, use it as a dusting powder on diaper rash areas.


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How to treat diaper rash