Kids' activities: 30 fun things for your kids to do

Kids' activities: 30 fun things for your kids to do

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Kids' activities: 30 fun things for your kids to do

Despite a long day at school, plenty of homework and after-school hockey practice or swim meets, kids still get bored. So we've rounded up the best kids activities to keep your brood busy.

Take a look at ten fun things to do with kids of any age in our photo gallery below. You'll also find nine free, fun and educational games to do play with younger kids and toddlers.

Do you think of autumn and winter as a great "excuses" to stay indoors where it's cosy and warm? Make an effort to get outside – even when it's stormy – because kids love to play outdoors and will be thrilled if you bundle up and join them. Our top ten family games to play outside is sure to get both your and your kids ready for an afternoon of frosty playtime.

Last but not least, we've shared education-based activities for kids that will challenge their young minds. A simple board game can be good exercise in strategy and logic, as well as math and spelling, depending on the type of game you choose.

Photo gallery: 10 free and fun activities for kids

10 great extracurricular activities that won't break the bank.

Extracurricular activities can stress a family budget to its limits, but a little imagination and planning can provide fun and entertainment for your kids – for free!

Organize a game of street hockey or soccer and provide refreshments. Invite the neighbourhood – it's good way to get to know neighbours. Encourage the whole family to participate and make sure your "street" game is in a safe place, free from the danger of oncoming traffic and the neighbour's picture window.

Crafts and toys for kids: Free, fun and educational

Kids' crafts and toys don't need to be complicated and expensive. Discover the educational toys that are already hiding around your house.

No one wants to feel like they're scrimping on activities for kids, but we're all looking for ways to cut back on spending. Fortunately, the best toys don't cost a thing. Research shows that expensive electronic toys aren't at all good for stretching imagination or boosting cognition. It's the low- and no-cost toys, tools of what specialists refer to as loose parts play, that are superior. The bonus? Most of them can be made at home. They're great for your kids and light on your pocketbook – and you don't need to be a craft queen to get started.

10 winter family games

Make the great Canadian winter a part of your family fun.

The winter provides endless ways for one to become creative, inventive and adaptive in modifying the elements. However, it is often difficult for kids to just "get out and play," especially in the winter when the daylight hours are shorter and there are fewer safe places where kids can engage in unstructured activity. But using the winter outdoors as a theme, parents can provide an opportunity for kids to experience some winter fun and physical activity. All you need is warm clothing and some creativity.

Educational games for kids

Great activities for kids that encourage learning.

Playing Scrabble on a rainy Sunday and Twenty Questions on a car trip are wonderful family times. Games are, by their nature, fun, invigorating, and even exciting. Board games and card games also offer a wealth of learning opportunities. They can enhance our memory, teach spelling and mathematics, build cooperative learning skills, and provide lessons in strategy and logic.

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Kids' activities: 30 fun things for your kids to do