Our favourite ways to celebrate Father's Day

Our favourite ways to celebrate Father's Day

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Our favourite ways to celebrate Father's Day

Treat Dad to something special from our Father's Day gift guide (with options for any budget, low to high).

But showing you care doesn't have to cost a whole lot. Instead, spend some time preparing a special meal from one of our menus or create a dazzling craft from the ideas below. And browse our articles for tips to improve your relationship -- the best gift of all.

Father's Day menus
3 Father's Day feasts
Celebrate dad with one of our delicious menus, PLUS we offer up a second trio of warm-weather feast ideas.

A dinner for Dad
A hearty Spanish-inspired Father's Day dinner.

For the love of Dad
Celebrate Dad with a Father's Day feast for six.

Gift ideas
Barbeque basics: Grilling gifts for Dad
Canadians love to barbecue, and having the best tools on hand will make your grilling days a success. Here are the 8 essential barbecue tools you need plus easy links to Canadian stores for online shopping.

Father's Day gift guide
Shopping for Dad is a snap with our guide to presents for all personalities.

Photo gallery: 5 great Father's Day gifts for Dad
Another summer, another Father's Day – and another race to find a gift that will make Dad happy. If he hasn't dropped any hints already (or even if he has), here are our five top ideas to please Pop.

Reach out to Dad
A new father's feelings
Advice to help Dad create his own special bond with baby.

The best thing about being a father
Dads reflect on why they love parenthood.

Be a better dad
11 tips to help a good father be a great father.

Daddy's girl
Learn to strengthen father/daughter bonds.

How to spend time with your growing children
One father tries coming to terms with how fast his kids are maturing.

The 5-blade razor was made by a rocket scientist
Canadian Living speaks with a former rocket scientist about Gillette razor blades and Father's Day.

Make a unique Father's Day gift
Help the kids tee up their favourite guy.

Helping hands for Dad
Kids will have a blast making this unique Father's Day gift.

Deal Dad a winning hand
Dads will love this handmade Father's Day gift featuring his favourite full house of faces.

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Our favourite ways to celebrate Father's Day