What Our Readers Love The Most About Their Moms

What Our Readers Love The Most About Their Moms

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What Our Readers Love The Most About Their Moms

We asked on Instagram, "What do you love the most about your mom?" Here's what you had to share.

Mother's Day is about acknowledging the mother figures in your life and how they've helped shape and guide you. Although it's always nice to share gifts and spend time together, nothing beats truly expressing how you feel to your loved ones.



Here's what you had to say:

My mom used to say that if you’re fortunate enough to wake up in the morning and go to bed at night anything in between could be dealt with. I try to live my life with that advice at the forefront during challenging times.—@fedelafalkner

I lost my mom in November 2022, at the age of 90. I miss her presence, her laughter and her mischievous ways. I admired her strength and commitment to our tribe. She mothered all 12 of us the best way she could. Call your mom folks, I so wish I could talk to my mom again.—@fewerjack55

She is the softest place to fall.—@rmnwest

That she loved me unconditionally like I was her own. I'm adopted. She taught me that blood makes people related, but love makes them family. I won the life lottery the day I was adopted.—

That’s easy—her love and generosity came with no strings attached—@stephans.57mainst

Since I've had a baby of my own recently, I love how my mom is there for me and my newborn!—@leah.morrison10

I love how even when the sky is falling down, she doesn't let us feel it. She smiles, handles it and we'd never know.—@mothermayihummus

My Mom always had compassion and a zest for life. Her energy was limitless, motivational and inspiring! She lived life to its fullest! Miss her beyond words!—@cadsagie63

Her strength. She’s been on dialysis for six years now and doesn’t give up. She is so much stronger that I ever thought she would be.@clausie1967richard

Well I have four moms. My birth mom who had the courage to let me go and meet up again 30 years later, my mom who raised me who said I should seek my birth mom so she could say thank you for giving her a daughter to cherish, my stepmom who was always telling me how grateful she was she was still a part of my life after my dad died and my mother-in-law who has always reminded my husband how lucky he is to have me as a wife!—@daluegshelly

My mom is my best friend, my role model, my protector, my hero, and in my highly-biased opinion, the greatest mom who ever was. She is beautiful, kind, strong, funny, brilliant and humble. Family is everything.—@chasing_amy




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What Our Readers Love The Most About Their Moms