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15 free apps for budgeting, banking and coupons

15 free apps for budgeting, banking and coupons

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Money & Career

15 free apps for budgeting, banking and coupons

As phone apps become more secure and robust, it’s becoming increasingly straightforward and convenient to use smartphones for everything from sending and accepting money transfers to tracking expenses. Certain apps can even trade stocks, help keep the whole family on budget and organize coupons—all paper free.

Here are 15 free apps that will keep you on top of your financial resolutions and maybe even save you money.


Along with your usual banking functions, the CIBC app allows you to take photos of cheques as a way to deposit them into your account. So handy! (iOS/Android)

RBC Mobile: Manage your stocks and mutual funds, as well as take care of your everyday banking with the Royal Bank app. (iOS/Android)

BMO Mobile Banking:
BMO offers a “100% Electronic Banking Guarantee,” which means that the bank will reimburse users in full for any losses to your personal bank accounts related to unauthorized app transactions. (iOS/Android)

Scotiabank: If you have an iPhone with Touch ID (where you use your fingerprint to unlock your phone),you can also use it to sign into your Scotiabank app, which is much easier than remembering yet another password! (iOS/Android)

Transferring money

PayPal: With PayPal, you can easily send money to friends and family, even if you don’t have a credit card. You can also use the app to buy products and services online and track your transactions. (iOS/Android)

Square: The Square app uses a card reader that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack and allows you to process credit card payments on the go, which is very useful for a small business. (iOS/Android)

Purchase management

OneReceipt: Do you always seem to lose the one receipt you end up needing? Now, you can store all of your receipts in one handy app. Simply snap photos of paper receipts or transfer email receipts and store them all in one place. (iOS)

Key Ring: It’s a pain to carry around a dozen loyalty cards, but using them can add up to considerable savings. Key Ring allows you to store not just those card numbers but also coupons, shopping lists and flyers. (iOS/Android)


Goodbudget: Tracking your spending is the first step to better managing your budget. You can sync this app across multiple phones, as well as the website, so everyone in your family can stay on budget together. (iOS/Android)

Mint: Considered the original money management app, Mint organizes all of your accounts, credit cards and investments in one place. It’s perfect for tracking spending, creating a budget and even setting up bill reminders. (iOS/Android)

Coupons and flyers

Like the idea of coupon clipping but not the clipping itself? Coupgon allows you to search for coupons right in the app and save them for use in-store—no need to dig through your purse. (iOS/Android)

Flipp: Keep track of all your favourite weekly flyers in this handy app, which also has access to coupon books. You can even mark the items you’re interested in to save for later. (iOS/Android)

Zweet: Save money after shopping, even if you didn’t have a coupon. Scan your receipts with this app and earn points and cash back toward future purchases. (iOS/Android)

Checkout 51: This app works the same way as Zweet, offering cash back on your purchases at any store. One key difference? Checkout 51 is also available in Quebec. (iOS/Android)

YP Shopwise: Another flyers app, YP Shopwise allows you to create a shopping list by selecting items from your favourite brands. (iOS/Android)

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Money & Career

15 free apps for budgeting, banking and coupons