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5 Interesting ways to save and make extra money this spring

5 Interesting ways to save and make extra money this spring

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Money & Career

5 Interesting ways to save and make extra money this spring

Because garage sales and car washes aren’t quite cutting it anymore for putting a couple extra bucks in your pocket, find out what Canadians are doing to save and make money!

When the holiday season and that super-important new winter wardrobe drained your bank account a little and you may be wishing you had some extra money to, maybe, go on a well-deserved summer vacation, there may be some hidden tips and tricks you didn’t know!

And no, this doesn’t mean getting a second job or checking out the black market. These easy ways to make money and save what you have are quick and you (mostly) don’t even need to leave your house!

1. Buy-and-Sell
Have you been meaning to clear out some old stuff? Have you thought “maybe I’ll just get rid of this” to not have to think about the other options? Luckily, "the other option" can make you money, so it might be worth looking into. Kijiji has just released their 2016 second hand economy index report and the results are impressive. Many don’t use Kijiji as an option simply because they don’t know if it will work or don’t know how to go about setting it up, but just last year 82% of all Canadians participated in second hand economy! Second hand economy has resulted in $29 billion in transactions last year as well; so whether you have stuff lying around that you don't use anymore, or have had a hard time finding an item you need for a decent price, second hand economy might be your best bet. On average in 2016, 78 'new life' items were granted per person! And the savings? On average, Canadians saved $843! 

It’s easier than you think as well! Just set up an account, post an ad, and wait for emails to come in. Communication is quick, easy and money can be in your pocket as soon as you set up a transaction. Think of second hand economy as your new ‘side hustle’ that can get you on your dream vacation a little quicker.

2. Participate in online surveys
If you don’t mind spending some time answering general questions about products you use and activities you participate in, survey websites might be your new best-friend! Most online survey sites require an age and postal code with a few general questions about you, and then they match you to surveys they need answered! These companies could deal with releasing products, altering how products are advertised, or cater certain products more to specific areas – and they need your help to do it! Points are offered in exchange for completing the surveys (with the amount depending on how long the surveys are) and points can be cashed in for rewards! The rewards include, but aren’t limited to, Amazon e-gift cards, entry into vacation sweepstakes, Itunes gift cards, direct Paypal funds and more.

3. Sell Stock Photography
Love taking pictures of food, products, places and more? Photographers and stock-photo websites are turning to the public to submit their phone pictures to be used for advertisements and stock photos. Websites and apps have platforms where you can upload photos from your camera roll to your profile that you want to sell the rights to, or, you can seek out certain requirements of what a company needs at the time and start shooting for that specific campaign! Once picked up by a company, photos can be re-sold anywhere from 25 cents to upwards of five dollars every time someone uses it.

4. Start up an Etsy shop
Do you have a passion for crafting? Do you knit, make art, jewelry or bath and beauty products? Setting up an Etsy shop and sharing some of your products to the world could definitely get you some extra money and can help you share your awesome creations with people who appreciate your work and share the same hobbies!

Don’t quite know where to start? Check out these 10 Canadian Etsy shops for some inspiration! 

5. Test websites
There’s a good chance you’re on websites almost, if not everyday anyways, so why not make money by scrolling through them? Like anything, some websites you visit you absolutely love, and some may need some work. Companies as big as Apple, Microsoft and Adobe will pay you to go through their websites and make notes and comments on what you think! You can make up to $30 per hour and all you have to do is browse through a website while a company records your screen and voice giving the feedback and completing some tasks. Money for giving your opinion? That sounds like something we could get behind!


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5 Interesting ways to save and make extra money this spring