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6 household items worth investing in

6 household items worth investing in

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Money & Career

6 household items worth investing in

While it's worth it to be budget conscious, sometimes loosening the purse strings will save you money in the long run. Here are seven items you might want to consider shelling out a little extra for.

1. A sofa
You can pick up a sofa from a mass-market retailer for less than $1,000, but chances are the construction won't be great, the fabric will start to wear and, before you know it, you'll be in the market for a new one.

"Major furniture items shouldn't be so disposable," says Janette Ewan, a decor and lifestyle expert in Toronto and a regular guest on "CityLine." Invest a little extra in a high-quality Canadian-made model and it'll last for 20 years or more.

2. A food processor
Anything that makes food prep easier is worth paying a little extra for. You can pick up a processor for just over $100, but you're better off spending a couple hundred dollars for one with sharper blades that will slice and dice a larger quantity and a diversity of items more quickly.

3. A mattress
"You spend a third of your life sleeping, so don't skimp on a mattress," says Ewan. "Spending on a mattress isn't glamorous -- it's sort of like getting your car repaired -- but it's completely worth it." Indeed, a good mattress supports your back, neck and legs. Expect to spend upward of $2,000.

4. Green appliances

Energy-efficient appliances cost more, but benefit both the environment and your pocketbook. Replacing your old fridge with an Energy Star-approved model could save you $100 a year.

5. Knives
Durable knives that retain their sharp edges make chopping a pleasure instead of a chore. You don't need a big, fancy set: One premium eight- to 10-inch chef's knife ($50 to $200) covers most kitchen jobs and saves you the hassle of replacing cheaper models.

6. A coffeemaker
Many of us think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars a year buying coffee every morning, so why not invest in a premium coffeemaker that will brew your java to perfection? For $100, your wallet will feel the difference, but you won't taste it.

This story was originally titled "Investment Pieces" in the June 2012 issue.

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Money & Career

6 household items worth investing in