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Best tech gifts for Christmas 2015

Best tech gifts for Christmas 2015

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Best tech gifts for Christmas 2015

Have a tech lover on your holiday shopping list? Don't fear. We have ideas to suit them and your budget. Here are the coolest new tech toys at every price point. 

Marley Liberate XL Headphones

Marley Liberate XL Over-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones, $180,
From the sustainable-minded House of Marley, these stylish headphones are sure to be a hit with any music lover. With superior sound quality, they deliver music the way it was meant to be heard.

Fluxmob Bolt Battery Pack

Fluxmob Bolt Battery Pack 3000 Ma , $60,
The Bolt is the world's smallest battery backup, which makes it a must for anyone who's permanently attached to their smartphone or other tech device. It's a replacement for your standard wall charger, and it's a perfect solution for people who are always on the go. 

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition for Galaxy S6, $250,
Tech lovers and gamers alike will love this virtual reality device. It pairs with their Samsung devices to offer users a 360-degree immersive experience with specialized apps, games and videos. With the development kit, users can even build their own applications for 360-degree worlds.

I AM Cardboard VR Kit

I AM Cardboard VR Cardboard Kit, $15,
If the techie on your list is caught up in the virtual reality craze but you can't afford the real thing, this cute cardboard hack will do the trick. The kit comes with everything they need to make a VR headset, then they just drop in a smartphone and get ready to be immersed in a cool new world.

Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar, $750,
The Playbar is the perfect starting point for a home theatre system to give to someone special on your list. With nine built-in speakers, it creates a sound stage from which to play movies, games or music with HiFi sound. Wirelessly controlled by any device (tablet, TV, smartphone) it can play music through almost any streaming service, playlist or radio station. Your favourite music lover will be thanking you for this all year long. 

Oral-B Smartseries with Bluetooth Connectivity

Oral-B Smartseries with Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity, $239,
A toothbrush might not seem like a natural gift for a techie, but this is no ordinary toothbrush. This Bluetooth-connected brush tracks your brushing habits in the Oral-B app and provides guidance while you brush, telling you how much longer you need to go to get your pearly whites clean and signalling you when you're brushing too hard. Plus, it removes up to 100 percent more plaque than a normal toothbrush.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, $500-600 (for 8-inch or 9.7-inch tablet),
This brand new tablet is Samsung's thinnest, lightest and fastest model to date. Perfect for work or play, it comes with a large camera lens for well-lit photos, rich colours on a super AMOLED display and multitasking functionalities, which let you work in more than one app on screen at a time. Plus, it comes loaded with Microsoft Office and Next Issue so it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Apple Watch Sport

Apple Watch Sport, starting at $449,
This list would not be complete without the Apple Watch. The coolest new thing in tech, smart watches are now also more stylish than ever. The techie on your list will love the Apple Watch Sport not only because they can receive text messages, emails and reminders at their wrist, and use many of their favourite apps without picking up their phone, but also because they can get bands to match just about any outfit. Siri helps users navigate the watch through voice, and the watch also serves as a fitness tracker, with reminders to stand and move throughout the day.

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Best tech gifts for Christmas 2015