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How to be a good manager according to Stella & Dot's CEO

How to be a good manager

Jessica Dilullo Herrin Author: Andrea Karr Source: The Crown Publishing Group

Money & Career

How to be a good manager according to Stella & Dot's CEO

So much in business comes down to good people management. Here are CEO Jessica Dilullo Herrin's tips for being the best manager that you can be.

“People leave their managers, not their company,” says Jessica Dilullo Herrin, the CEO and founder of the wildly successful Stella & Dot Family Brands (which include Stella & Dot, Keep Collective and Ever). That’s why, if you manage people, you’re an integral part of your company—and it’s so important that you do your job well. Here are Dilullo Herrin’s tips for becoming a great manager with a passionate, inspired and hardworking team.

1. Be present.

When you come into a room, be present without any distractions like your cellphone or laptop. “When we start our exec team strategy meetings, we meditate to bring people into the room,” says Dilullo Herrin. “Phones are off the table; laptops are off. In those meetings, I’m listening to you and I’m seeing you. Showing respect and availability to a person is number one.”

2. Give people purpose.

“People care about purpose in their work; they need purpose,” says Dilullo Herrin. In order for a team to succeed, each member needs to understand why she does her job and how it makes a difference.

3. Create a sense of potential.

Giving people the chance to learn and grow is also critical. “At the end of the day, if you want to do right by people, you have to create a winning, performance-driven culture in which people have career-defining experiences where they’re learning and growing.”

4. Avoid saying “no” right off the bat.

When engaging in dialogue with an employee, never shut down her idea right away. Try saying, “What I like about that idea is X, and have we thought about X?” You need to train your brain to say, “Hold on, what did that person just say?” See the merit of the idea, and then question the idea to help it evolve.

5. Don’t micro-manage.

If you don’t trust your team, you will micro-manage them. In that setting, “they will shrink instead of grow and won’t do their best work because they know it’s going to be overly criticized.”

6. Hire according to culture, not just skills.

Figure out what you want the culture of your workplace to be and hire people that will enhance that culture. It’s important to do “cultural interviews as much as you do functional interviews,” says Dilullo Herrin. That way you can hire people whose mindset jives with the rest of the company.

7. Be authentic and vulnerable.

“Just be transparent with who you really are,” says Dilullo Herrin. “If you authentically care, people will forgive you a lot. Managers are just human; they’re imperfect, too.”

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How to be a good manager according to Stella & Dot's CEO