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How to save money 50 easy ways

How to save money 50 easy ways

Author: Canadian Living

Money & Career

How to save money 50 easy ways

Want to cut your spending and learn how to save money, but not sure where to start? Many experts agree that small changes to your spending habits can make a big difference in your bottom line. Get started by taking a hard look at your accounts and balances. Chances are there will be a few areas of your budget that could be pared down comfortably.

Want to save $3600 in one year when out with your friends? You'll find the answer – plus more amazing money-saving tips – in our photo gallery below. Plus, learn how to beat the bank and get the best deal on credit card rewards and rates, and have the all-important money talk with your partner.

Photo gallery: How to save money

Learn how to save money by making small lifestyle changes – without giving up all the fun.

Saving money for the future you want doesn't mean feeling guilty about every cent you spend on yourself now. Who would want to stick to a plan that entails that much suffering?

10 surprising ways to save money on credit card fees

These 10 easy tips will help you figure out how to save money on your credit card fees.

Sometimes we choose the credit cards we use for all the wrong reasons. Eight years ago I opted for a Royal Bank Avion card because I was seduced by the idea of saving up a whack of travel points to cash in for a great family holiday someday. It wasn't smart financial planning. While I've earned 165,000 in points (worth about $1,650 in airfare), I pay an annual fee of $170 to use the card. Over eight years that amounts to $1,350. And when you consider that I sometimes carry a balance and am charged a hefty 19.5 per cent in interest, the bank has benefitted from me having that card far more than I have.

40 simple ways to put money in your back pocket

Discover how to save money with these tricks – you could save as much as $15,000.

When we were getting ready to have our first child, my husband, Jeff, and I sat down to take a good hard look at our finances and figure out if we could afford an 18-month unpaid parental leave. The reality that confronted us was more sobering than the prospect of two years' worth of dirty diapers and very little sleep.

Tired of arguments about money? Learn to manage your money better as a couple

Use this easy plan and 11 quick tips to learn to work together to manage your money.

A whopping 86 per cent of Canadian couples admit to arguing about money, which is more than they argue about sex or the kids, says an eye-opening survey conducted by Credit Canada and Capital One. That's more than eight out of every 10 couples fighting about how they manage their money. Canadian Living asked Laurie Campbell, a credit counselor and executive director with Credit Canada, about why couples have money management problems, and how to get marital spending, saving and planning back on track.

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Money & Career

How to save money 50 easy ways