Money & Career

Our best money-saving tips

Our best money-saving tips

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Money & Career

Our best money-saving tips

Are you looking to save on your monthly expenses but think you already have them as low as comfortably possible? It's not as hard as you think to trim a little more from your spending and save a ittle extra from each paycheque. We've put together a list of the best money-saving tips we've come across to help reach your financial goals.

You'll discover how to save money while shopping for necessities, cut $100 from your monthly budget pain-free and eat well while spending less on groceries. You'll also love the best of-the-moment financial tips from our favourite money-saving blogs.

Photo gallery: 6 money-saving tips for shopping trips

Here are tips for cutting back, saving money and making the most of your shopping dollars.

Here are some easy ways to keep yourself comfy, while saving money and paring back on lifestyle costs (and saving natural resources) across the board now (while you're still comfortable) – in order to prepare for any slowdown in the future.

Money in your pocket

5 money-saving tips to save $100 per month.

How would you like an extra $100 a month? According to Laurie Campbell, program manager for the Credit Counselling Service of Toronto, a bit of planning and common sense can put it within reach for most of us.

Eating right when things are tight: Money-saving tips for the home cook

Learn to make the most of discounted grocery items and every scrap of food you thought you didn't need.

The notion of 'waste not, want not' has universal appeal among Canadian households: those looking to go green and reduce waste, locavores making the most of local products and families trying to save a little extra cash. For many households, this means taking a look at the kitchen and cutting down on both budget and waste. Here's how to embrace the joys of making more from less.

5 blogs that will help you save money

Pinching pennies is easy with great advice from these top Canadian money-saving blogs.

Bored with the celebrity blogs I normally read, one morning I had an idea that put dollar signs in my eyes. I would wean myself from these online temples of celebrity worship, and use the time to read money-saving blogs instead. One week later, I didn't get rich, but I had a few hot leads on the best sales in my city, and some ideas under my hat that will help me cut expenses down the road. Cha-ching!

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Money & Career

Our best money-saving tips