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Quiz: Are you an alpha female?

Quiz: Are you an alpha female?

Author: Canadian Living

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Quiz: Are you an alpha female?

Queen bee or wannabe? That's the question, sister. While the stereotypical image of the group of guys jockeying for alpha-male status through use of (pick one, or all) job title, office size, pricey car or sports prowess is an instantly recognizable one, women too are battling it out to be leader of the pack. The only thing is, it's so nuanced, blink and you'll miss the um, hissing contest. Are you an alpha female? Answer these questions truthfully and find out.

1. When you go for a retail therapy session with your gal pals, you make sure you drop the most money.
b) Sometimes
c) No -- who's counting, anyway?

2. You're out on a work team lunch and some of the seats face the sun. You…
Know you're made for the shade.
b) Do a quick "Did anyone else want this seat?" before sitting down in the shady spot you've already put your purse down on.
c) Are glad you wore your SPF 30 and ask everyone else if they want the shady spots.

3. If anyone mistakes your designer stuff for knockoff, you make it very, very clear you'd never buy fakes. (Even if others might not be so principled.)
b) I like people to know that I'm wearing real Chanel shades, but I wouldn't make a huge point about it.
c) Who cares?

4. "Late? Again? Moi? Oh, well, so I am! Sorry!"
Yes, guilty as charged.
b) That could be me, on occasion.
c) No way. I'm usually on time.

5. You're on a roll on the treadmill at the gym. But your 20 minutes are almost up and there's a waiting list. You:
Keep running. If someone wants your treadmill they're going to have to ask you for it. Even though you're looking off into the distance and have your iPod cranked up.
b) Sneak in an extra five minutes before getting off.
c) Finish in your allotted time, then sign up again for more. You can lift weights until another spot opens up.

6. You're heading to Starbucks for a latte. You ask your colleagues if they want anything, and when they say yes, you:
Treat them.
b) Treat them this time, but tell Susie she's on the hook next time.
c) Wait for everyone to give you their money.

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7. Do you manage people at work?
Yes, a team
b) Not officially, but I have juniors whom I direct
c) No

8. Who makes the financial decisions in your home?
Call me the CEO, CFO and COO of my household.
b) My partner and I come to decisions jointly.
c) My husband's better with money than I am.

9. Would you date a younger guy?
Absolutely: they're eager to please, better looking and have more, you know, stamina.
b) Only if he could keep up with me.
c) No, I'm too embarrassed to go that route.

10. I most admire
Take-no-prisoners superwomen like Madonna, Oprah and Angelina Jolie.
b) Self-confident achievers like Beyoncé, Aishwarya Rai and Gwyneth.
c) Cool femmes like Sofia Coppola, Sarah Jessica Parker and Scarlett Johansson.

Your alpha female score
If you picked mostly As
You strive to be first, and best, at work and in your personal life as well. You think you know best and you can't be beat when it comes to assessing most social and work situations, and sizing up how to get seated at the head of the table. You know what you want and how to get it, and aren't afraid to put in the sweat equity to get it. You know you go, Alpha-Girl!

If you picked mostly Bs
You're a heavy hitter, but unlike the full-on alpha type, you don't care to play Boss Lady all the time. After all, with leadership comes a lot of -- sigh -- expectations, and you like your freedom too much to play that game. You're fine near, not at, the top at work, and find fulfillment in your personal life. You know the modern woman's secret: it is possible to have it all, just not all at once.

If you picked mostly Cs
You're too relaxed and a bit too comfortable letting others lead the way to be mistaken for an alpha femme -- but we doubt that bothers you! While a lot of people focus on the race to the top, you're someone who knows that only a few can be leaders, and you're not going to bust your hump trying. You're having too much fun enjoying your life to stress over status.

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Quiz: Are you an alpha female?