Cute Canadian pet photos

Cute Canadian pet photos

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Cute Canadian pet photos

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Do you think your kitty is the cat's meow? With their silky soft fur, tiny pink button noses and their keen curiosity, kittens just may be the cutest pet around. Take a look at the fine feline pictures we've selected from the 2010 Canada's Most Lovable Pet Photo and Video Contest in the online photo gallery below.

Are dogs more your preference? We've chosen photo galleries of dogs big and small for you to check out.

Teeny tiny Chihuahuas are just about as adorable as can be. Take a peek at these small dogs with huge personalities in the amazing Chihuahua slideshow below. On the other side of the scale, you'll find pictures of a classic family dog – golden retrievers – to browse. These lovable dogs are loyal and gentle and can make a great addition to your family.

If you have a pooch, you likely know just how much they love snow. Since snowfall often feels like a nuisance to us (it makes for hazardous driving and unflattering boots) it's inspiring to see the excitement in a pup's eyes, and the wag they get in their tail over a yard full of the fresh white stuff. In the last slideshow, you'll melt over photos of some great Canadian canines that just love to live in the snowy outdoors.

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Browse through these adorable kitten pictures from 2010's Canada's Most Lovable Pet Photo and Video Contest.

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These pint-sized pooches can be a barrel full of laughs. Browse our heart-warming photo gallery of cute Chihuahua dogs.

Photo gallery: Golden retrievers

Browse through 16 incredible photos of family-friendly golden retrievers from the 2009 Canada's Most Lovable Pet Photo and Video Contest.

Photo gallery: Cute, snowy dogs that love winter in Canada

20 photos that prove just how much Canadian dogs love to roll, play and even snooze in the snow.

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Cute Canadian pet photos