Everything you need to know about pet cats

Everything you need to know about pet cats

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Everything you need to know about pet cats

Confused about cat nip? Frazzled over what to feed your feline? Cats are mysterious, independent creatures, but that doesn't mean they don't need special care. Find answers to all your questions in this complete cat collection.

Feline health
Kitty Q&A
Get to know your cat's wants and needs, from catnip to indoor entertainment.

5 best ways to find a vet for your cat
Easy steps to finding your pet's dream doctor.

Dr. Walt: What to do when your cat is itchy
Beat the season of the itch with tips on how to prevent and get rid of fleas.

How my dad and his cat got unhealthy together
Somewhere in the house my mother is sighing. Loudly.

How to care for older cats
How to keep your aging dog or cat comfortable and youthful.

Keep your pet warm this winter
If it's too cold for comfort outside, keep your furry friends cozy with our tips in mind.

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Life articles
   7 products to get rid of pet hair
   Get rid of pesky pet hair in your home with these tricks and tips.

Basic commands that can prevent your pet from being injured
Some pet tricks are more important than others. Learn the basic commands your pet should know.

Dr. Walt: How to change an aggressive cat's behaviour
Get advice for dealing with an aggressive cat, a car-sick dog and pets who like table scraps.

How to fly with your cat
Planning an airplane trip with your cat? Before booking your ticket, read these 7 tips on flying with pets.

Homemade crafts
Expert tips for stunning pet photography
How to get the best shots of your cat.

How to make your own kitty climber
Help the kids make a playground for your kitten.

Craft your own easy-to-sew cat tunnel
This fake fur-lined tunnel is the perfect location for feline mischief.

Make your cat a floor pillow
These soft and comfy portable seats have many uses, from pet beds to cozy spots for napping children.

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Everything you need to know about pet cats