Happy howlidays! Best dog gifts for Christmas

Happy howlidays! Best dog gifts for Christmas

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Happy howlidays! Best dog gifts for Christmas

Your pooch deserves something special from Santa to get his or her tail wagging. We've rounded up some of the best dog gifts to give this holiday.

Wondermento Pet Tracking Bowtie

Wondermento Pet Tracking Bowtie by WonderWoof, $130,
Wonder what your dog is up to all day when you're away? This cute pet tracker attaches to your dog's collar and sends data to your smartphone to let you know what she's up to. It lets you know how much activity and playtime your dog is getting and tracks that info over time, plus it lets you set reminders for grooming appointments, medications and playdates.

Dog Cardigan

Red Floral Upcycled Dog Cardigan XS, $30.50,
From Canadian Etsy retailer, PupCycle Canada, which reinvents human clothes to create outfits for furry friends, this sweet little sweater is both snug and stylish. Your pup will be the best-dressed dog on the block.

Candy Cane Plush Jumbler Ball

Candy Cane Plush Jumbler Ball, $16.50,
This plush toy by Kong will keep your pooch occupied all Christmas morning long—and it will actually last past New Year's!

Plush Pet Bed

Plush Pet Bed, $25,
A cozy new bed is the perfect gift for a dog who likes to curl up for a good afternoon nap.

North Fetch Parka

North Fetch Parka, $40 to $50,
Winter walks will be so much cozier when your pup has this gorgeous parka to keep him warm.

Dog Bow Tie

Dog Bow Tie in Black and Grey Herringbone Tweed, US$15,
Made to order in the great Canadian North by an Etsy retailer called Charlie Be Good, this adorable bow tie uses Velcro straps and can be adjusted to fit any collar up to 2.5 centimetres wide.

Gourmet Dog Treat Maker

Gourmet Dog Treat Maker, $39,
Your dog will love you for making fresh, soft homemade cookies all year long with this treat maker. The bone-shaped biscuits (recipes included) take just minutes to make. 

Clara Lead

Clara Lead, from $71,
The two of you will be turning heads in the dog park with this classic and charming leash from the British retailer Mungo and Maud. 

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Happy howlidays! Best dog gifts for Christmas