Should you date a pet owner?

Should you date a pet owner?

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Should you date a pet owner?

If you're single and looking, you may have better luck dating somebody with a pet, says relationship counselor and psychotherapist Kim Moffit.

Pet owners know that a relationship requires hard work and are willing to put in the effort and time. They can be more relationship-ready and less likely to run at the first sight of trouble, says Moffit.

Owning a pet can have a huge impact on somebody's love life, simply because caring for a pet demands getting out of the house.

In their day-to-day lives with Scout or Tigger, pet owners find opportunities to meet new people, whether they're walking, training or grooming their pet. There are also local dog parks and pet-focused facilities that are great places to meet a potential partner (and their pet).

"As a relationship counselor and psychotherapist, I always tell my clients that in order to meet people similar to yourself, you need to put yourself out there and go to places where you'll find like-minded people," Moffit says.

The dos and don'ts of dating a pet owner

Do treat their pet with a warm, welcoming attitude. Your date will always notice how you treat their pet and will take this into careful consideration.

Do introduce your pet, if you have one. This will allow you to bond over your shared interest in animals, and can result in some fun play dates.

Do expect your partner in a long-term relationship to demonstrate that, although their pet is important, there's always room for you take priority in the bigger picture.

Don't force your own preferences for species or breeds on your partner. For instance, if you're a cat person who is dating a dog owner, express your love for felines without going over the top.

Don't expect to be more important than your partner's pet from the get-go. It will take time to build trust, emotional connection and love in the relationship.

Don't give up if you get off on the wrong foot with your date's pet. Giving the pet time to get used to you will only prove to your partner that you're worth it in the long run.

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Should you date a pet owner?